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Safety and residence life

We are very excited to return to a more normal residence life experience this year, providing opportunities to students grow, socialize, meet new friends and have fun. At the same time, we remain aware of the ongoing presence of COVID-19. Mask requirements remain in place throughout the campus (indoors).

Here in residence, we continue to provide self-isolation protocols and dedicated spaces if required. At this stage of the pandemic, we recognize that each resident has their own level of comfort when it comes to social gatherings, and we continue to work hard to make sure everyone in our community feels safe by providing options to participate within our community - both in-person and online.

We have compiled several parent-focussed FAQs, some of which cover our COVID-related safety measures.

Making the leap

Moving into residence means living away from home for the first time and adjusting to new responsibilities and self-management. This can be a challenging transition for some students as they try to balance the personal accountability required for success at university with their new-found freedom.  

The UM’s First Year Centre provides information and resources about the differences and challenges associated with making the transition from high school to university. We encourage you to discuss these topics as a family and think about strategies to help your student navigate their new surroundings.

Inherent to residence is a developmental and support infrastructure that all residents have access to and can often make a difference in student success rates. Our job is to provide every opportunity to keep students engaged and connected to their community and the University.

Examples of student residence successes

Community standards and Residence Life staff

As a parent sending your student to live here on campus among an entirely new group of people, it’s important that you understand how we intend to govern this community, manage risk and keep our students safe. 

A complete list of rules, policies and community standards – including rights and responsibilities of each of our residents – is found in the Student Residences Contract (PDF).

Enforcing these community standards is the job of our entire Residence Life team who all fall under the direction of our Associate Director of Residence Life and is comprised of several positions, including:

  • Two full-time live in staff (Residence Life Coordinators) in each of our buildings
  • Resident Advisors (RAs) on each floor
  • Residence Security

Collectively, the Residence Life team ensures that residents feel safe and supported, while also being responsible for issuing discipline when warranted. 

Discipline may come in a variety of forms and approaches – both restorative and punitive. It can range from a simple fine to community service to outright eviction from residence.

Residence Life programming

Education and Harm Reduction

A large part of our program during the academic year is to facilitate events and activities that focus on encouraging students to make connections with their peers, gain new experiences, develop helpful life skills and engage with the larger University of Manitoba community.

However, during the first six weeks of campus life, our team focuses on developmental education programs that help residents make sustainable connections to student supports that are on campus, as well as educate them on harm reduction strategies that apply to a variety of topics that are particularly important in our current local and global communities.

This year, some of the programming topics we will be focusing on include:

  • Public health and safety in a global pandemic 
  • Diversity, inclusivity and conflict resolution
  • Safe sex, sexuality and sexual violence
  • Alcohol, cannabis and safe consumption practices     
  • Mental health and wellness

Learn about UM's Student Supports

Residence dining

On-campus dining is a very important part of a great residence experience and our Dining Services team is here to make everyone’s experience a positive one, regardless of tastes, preferences or dietary restrictions. 

The Fresh Food Company (FFC) serves as the main dining area for residents with an all-you-care-to-eat concept at a variety of food stations. FoodBucks can also be added to any meal plan to allow for additional food options, snacks and coffee at a variety of retail dining locations on campus, including Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Subway. FoodBucks are offered at a discounted rate if you sign up for them before you move in.

Student will require their student ID card to access the FFC servery area. Each visit counts as one meal swipe. Upgrades to meal plans (increased meal frequency) can be changed at any time, but downgrades to smaller meal plans can only be changed up until September 16, 2022 for the Fall Term and January 18, 2023 for the Winter Term. 

  • The staff at the FFC recognizes that many of our residents have dietary restrictions or food allergies and are committed to providing accessible food labeling and nutritional information as well as accommodating individual student diets where possible. If your student’s dietary needs are not consistently being met, the staff and management want to hear from you and are more than happy to meet with them one-on-one to find a solution.

    Visit our residence meal plan webpage for more dining information. 


It is important for parents to understand that after students arrive on campus, specific information about your student as it relates to their activity, behaviour or records at the University and/or residence is considered personal and private and the sharing of that information is governed by the Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act (FIPPA). The information cannot be shared with parents or guardians without explicit consent. If you have questions or concerns about your student while at the UM, we encourage you to reach out to them directly.


  • students and parent walking with suitcases
  • Move-in

    • New residents move-in starts on Saturday, September 3
    • Returning residents move-in starts on Sunday, September 4

What if someone tests positive for COVID while in residence?

We strongly recommend that residents inform their RA, or any residence staff member if they test positive for COVID. If they have a roommate in Arthur Mauro, or live in Mary Speechly Hall or University College, we can arrange for them to be temporarily moved to a self-contained suite to self-isolate. For those with a meal plan, we can also arrange for meals to be delivered to them during this time. Free masks and rapid tests can also be provided from our office upon request.

Do students have to wear a mask in residence?

The current University policy requires all persons to wear a medical grade or KN95 mask while in public indoor spaces. This includes all common residence spaces and hallways. There are no requirements to wear masks within rooms or suites.

How do students do their laundry?

The purchase of laundry cards and the loading of money on the card can be done at each of the Laundroworks machine locations throughout residence. There are multiple machines in each residence and are open 24 hours a day.

Where can I find information about international student health insurance?

All international students are required to have health insurance when living and studying at the University of Manitoba. Coverage is provided at an annual cost to the student and is assessed in their fees. Coverage is provided through the Manitoba International Student Health Plan (MISHP).

Learn about international student health coverage

What if there is a problem with the condition of their room at move-in?

All residents are required to complete an online move-in inspection, confirming the condition of their room. If areas or items are deemed deficient in any way, it should be noted in the room inspection notes. These items will be vetted and ultimately addressed by our maintenance staff. However, if something requires immediate attention, e.g., is broken, inoperable or dirty, they can file an online maintenance request through our residence portal, which goes directly to our maintenance staff.

Do caretaking staff come in and clean student rooms throughout the year?

No. Caretaking staff are only responsible for cleaning common areas of our residence building and when a student moves out. It is the responsibility of each resident to always maintain their room in a sanitary condition and to make sure the room is just as clean when they leave at the end of the year. Charges may be assessed to students for violating these conditions at any time.

Will Student Residences contact me if there are behavioural or mental health issues with my student?

For residents 18 years or older, disclosure of personal information is guided by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and only shared if there is explicit consent by a student to do so. Generally, we will only contact parents without consent if there is a serious medical emergency or repeated behaviour that may be considered life threatening.

How do I pay for residence fees and when are they due?

Residence fees are simply added to a student’s Aurora account along with all other University fees and tuition. Residence fees can be paid by the same accepted payment methods as tuition and are due no later than October 5, 2022. ICM residents are subject to the same fee deadline but are required to pay fees directly to our office.

Can meals be taken to-go?

The Fresh Food Company and its meal plans are intended for dine-in only. We strongly believe that an essential part of residence life is fostering community and making personal connections through the dining experience. Newly extended Fresh Food Company hours of operation should provide enough flexibility so that residents do not need to take meals to go.

How can FoodBucks be added to a meal plan?

FoodBucks add-ons in the denominations of $100, $250 or $500 are discounted by 10% when added to a Pembina Hall and Mary Speechly meal plan when making your plan selection on the residence application portal or in person prior to September 16, 2022. FoodBucks can be purchased at the Dining Services office, 202 Pembina Hall.

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