Due to limited CLSP funding available each year for the purchase new and/or replacement equipment, all requests are reviewed by the Simulation Education Research and Programming (SERP) Committee and prioritized for purchase.

Criteria used include the following:

  • Educational need – educational objectives that are part of a defined curriculum or program;
  • Availability of existing CLSP resources that perform the same or similar function;
  • Projected utilization including features or functions available and the number of potential users/user groups;
  • Performance – how well the item functions and addresses the projected need; and
  • Overall cost – initial cost and ongoing operating costs (i.e. consumable parts, repair and maintenance).

Once reviewed the SERP Committee will determine one of the following:

  • Priority purchase of the item with existing CLSP funds;
  • Request to share in the cost of the purchase with the requesting department;
  • Deferral of the purchase until sufficient funds become available; or
  • Decline the request and/or make recommendation that other funding sources be considered.
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