The front of the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre. The sky behind the building is grey and cloudy, the grass in front of the building is lush and green.

Vision & mandate

  • A group of young students on an educational field trip are completing a scavenger hunt through the Farm and Food Discovery Centre.


    The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre is a fun and exciting destination with exhibits, public programs and events that explore modern farming and food production, and the science and technology that provides healthy, sustainable food for Manitoba and the world.

    The Discovery Centre features interactive hands-on displays about every aspect of food production, from farming to the marketing, retailing and eating of food.

    The Discovery Centre also seeks to strengthen networks and partnerships to promote public awareness of the issues of the sustainability, security of food and healthy lifestyles.

    Programming is aimed at middle-years students, families and the general public. It also showcases the research conducted by the University of Manitoba and explores the wide range of career opportunities in the agri-food sector.

  • A groups of seniors learn about laying hens while on a tour of FFDC.


    To tell the story of modern farming and food production including the role of leading edge research in increasing food production and advancing environmental stewardship, animal welfare, nutrition and food safety.

    Specifically the Centre will enhance public awareness and understanding of modern, sustainable food production, with emphasis on crops and livestock, and the effect of agricultural practices on the environment, with emphasis on soil, water and air.

    The Centre will address the key themes that food comes from agriculture; farmers are environmentalists who take good care of the land and take animal welfare seriously; agriculture and food production make a significant contribution to the economic and social well-being of Canadians (and the wider world);, the importance of nutrition, healthy eating and food safety; there are many interesting careers in farming and food; and science plays a huge role in making safe, sustainable food.

About the Glenlea Research Station

  • A digital sign at the entrance of the Farm and Food Discovery Centre indicates the facility is closed temporarily.
  • An aerial image of the Glenlea Research Station buildings.

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Glenlea Research Station (GRS) is located 20 minutes south of the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus east of Highway #75. 

The GRS provides the Faculty with structures and services necessary to support research, training and outreach programs. The livestock and crop infrastructure was created in 1964 and consists of facilities to support research in beef, dairy, swine, poultry and a variety of cropping plots. The Feed Mill currently processes the poultry feed and some dairy and beef grains as well as products for other departments such as Psychology, Human Nutritional Sciences and Animal Science. 

The GRS provides the Faculty with structures and services necessary to support research, training and outreach programs. Research focus is primarily in the areas of nutrition, metabolism, production and welfare. The activities support students working toward a BSc, MSc or PhD as well as those intending on a DVM. Other related facilities are the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre supporting outreach and a bio-products processing facility supporting nutrient management. All the crop, livestock and poultry facilities provide our students the opportunity for hands-on, experiential learning. All activities adhere to standards around animal care and welfare, quality and safety.

  • Families with kids look at the dairy calves during a barn tour at FFDC.

    Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Discovery and Learning Complex

    You can request a tour of the state-of-the-art dairy barn when you pre-book a visit at FFDC or select one of our programs/activities that includes a tour. You will get a close up look at cows and calves in the barn, learn about how cattle are cared for in Manitoba, and see some of the fascinating technology in action!

  • A child is leaning on the window of the hog barn at FFDC looking at the newly born piglets.

    Hog barn

    The Farm and Food Discovery Centre is built directly on to our operational hog barn. That means that anytime you visit FFDC, you get a direct view into what's going on in our hog barn. You can even ask when the pigs are expected to give birth to plan your visit for when there are brand new piglets!

  • A group of students learn about beef cattle in the beef barn of the Glenlea Research Station.

    Beef barn

    Occasionally, researchers from the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences conduct feed trials for beef cattle at the Glenlea Research Station using our beef barn. When research takes place, we try to tour all visitors to the barn to learn about what the cattle are eating, what the researchers are investigating and how the animals are cared for.

  • The front of the feedmill at the Glenlea Research Station during the "golden hour" for light.

    Feed mill

    The Glenlea Research Station has a small scale feed mill on site. Some specialty animal feed for the barns on site and some Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences research is made right here. As you drive up to the FFDC, you will pass this cool building, some university classes even tour through the facility!