Artificial Intelligence
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    16 weeks

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    Program features

    For Canadian citizens, permanent residents and now also open to international students as per program details.
    Part-time, online from anywhere

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    Program fees

    $1,715 plus $100 non-refundable application fee
    Special introductory price of $1,000
    Offer subject to change without notice

This program is for those looking to understand “the big picture” with AI and Machine Learning, and how to work with data to solve their own real-world problems.

  Business professionals       Managers       Graduate students       Alumni      IT professionals  

  • Artificial Intelligence robot

    Good for you and your industry

    Don’t be afraid of AI. Unlike the scary robot assassin in the Terminator movie, it is good for you and your business or industry. Savvy professionals are aware of AI technologies and how they can determine effective solutions to their most important business challenges. With Artificial Intelligence, you can retain customers, make better products, reduce risk, market effectively, innovate and lead the way in your field.

  • Good for you and your industry

    Understand the possibilities

    Understand the possibilities offered by AI and Machine Learning and what they can do for you and your business or organization. Learn how to use them. Explore real-world data and problems in order to gain practical experience. Join the discussion about AI ethics and explore important topics including privacy. Prime yourself and prime your organization with this condensed AI program offered entirely online.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Solutions

    Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Solutions

    Learn how to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to devise and implement technical solutions for your business or organization. Review the popular Machine Learning engines and algorithms, understand the Machine Learning project lifecycle and consider related ethics and security. This program is designed to empower professionals and complement the studies of graduate students and the careers of IT professionals alike by providing them with additional practical experience with real-world data and problems, no coding required.

Program details

This program is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

This program is also open to international students who can complete all courses in their home country or in Canada via online learning. International students please note:

  • Immigration - This program does not allow for application for a Canadian study visa or post-graduate work permit.  For programs that qualify for a study visa, see intensive program packages.
  • Health coverage - This program is not covered under the Manitoba International Student Health Plan (MISHP). If you are completing this program while residing in Canada, you need to ensure you have private health insurance or are covered under Manitoba Health (if you hold a work permit or are a dependent of an individual holding a work permit/permanent resident status in Canada). 
    MISHP student health plan

Credential: Micro-certificate in Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Solutions

$1,715 plus $100 non-refundable application fee
Special introductory price of $1,000
Offer subject to change without notice

Expected duration: 16 weeks

Admission requirements: There are no specific eligibility requirements for admission to the programming; however, the following prerequisite knowledge and education and/or experience is strongly recommended: 
• basic coding knowledge and experience (with understanding of Python, R, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, or other relevant language as a valuable asset) 
• postsecondary education in a relevant field such as math, computer science, statistics, data science, computer engineering OR a combination of relevant industry experience and skills

Program Courses

Determine the courses you will need to complete this program.

Required courses

Course number/outline Course name Contact hours Term(s) offered
EEAS 0120 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 36 Winter
EEAS 0122 Machine Learning Algorithms and Frameworks 36 Winter
EEAS 0124 Developing Machine Learning Solutions 24 Winter

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