SIMS Lab Manager
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Manitoba
342 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Ph: 204-474-7124


Academic Background

B.Sc. Honors University of Manitoba (2010) - Geological Sciences
M.Sc. University of Manitoba (2013) - Geological Sciences

Research Interests

My main focus at the University is operating and maintaining a CAMECA 7f Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS). Our instrument is one of only four SIMS instruments in academic institutes in all of Canada. The technique allows access to the entire periodic table (H through U), has very low detection limits (ppm-ppb) and operates in situ at a very high spatial resolution (10-30 microns).

The lab specializes in a wide variety of techniques related to both stable and radiogenic isotopes as well as trace elements. The scope of research conducted at the U of M is multifaceted and research includes the study of uranium deposits, ore fluids, transition metal isotopes, material sciences, archaeology and gemstones among others.

Aside from the duties pertaining to the lab itself I am on the Faculty’s Local Area Safety and Health (LASH) committee and am also the Chief Fire Warden for the Wallace building.

Recent and Significant Publications

Sharpe, R. & Fayek, M. (2016): Mass bias corrections for U-Pb isotopic analysis by secondary ion mass spectrometry: Implications for U-Pb dating of uraninite. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, v. 30, pp. 1601-1611.

Sharpe, R., Fayek, M., Quirt, D. & Jefferson, C.W. (2015): Geochronology and genesis of the Bong uranium deposit, Thelon Basin, Nunavut, Canada. Economic Geology, v. 110 pp. 1759-1777.

Sharpe, R. & Fayek, M. (2011): The world's oldest observed primary uraninite. Canadian Mineralogist, v. 49, pp. 1199-1210.