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Center for Earth Observation Science

Other labs

Dry Lab

The dry lab is mainly used for gas analysis and carbon dioxide exchange studies. Scientists also build and assemble electrical circuits to be used in their projects.

Wet Lab

In the wet lab, water samples are processed and tested. Measurements include nutrient levels, turbidity, dissolved organic matter, and pH.

Cold Lab

The cold lab, at -26°C, allows scientists to work with snow and ice samples while retaining their natural properties. Ice cores are brought in from the field and their microstructure is analyzed in this lab.

Calibration lab

In the calibration lab, scientists set up, test, and calibrate equipment such as scatterometers (which measure the amount of energy the Earth's surface reflects) and radiometers (which measure the power of infrared radiation). It is also the lab where technical troubleshooting of instrumentation takes place.

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