Department of Earth Sciences
413 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road 
Winnipeg, MB 
R3T 2N2


Academic Background

Ph.D., Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet, Frankfurt, Germany (1997) - Mineralogy


GEOL 2770 - Principles of Inorganic Geochemistry
GEOL 3450 - Hydrogeology
Advanced Mineralogy

Research Interests

I am interested in all kinds of nano-scale processes in the environment such as the transport of metals and metalloids as nanoparticles and colloids, their retention by mineral surface coatings and their release during dissolution of minerals.
I specifically study:
1. Mineralogical processes in confined pore spaces of mineral surface coatings and organic matter,
2. The interaction of bacteria with mineral surfaces,
3. Dissolution mechanisms of minerals,
4. Transport of metals and metalloids as nanoparticles and colloids in surficial soils as well as ore deposits,
5. Crystallization processes involving nanoparticles, and
6. Occurrence of nano-size inclusions in minerals and their release during dissolution of their hosts.

Recent and Significant Publications

Hastie, E.C.G., Schindler, M., Kontak, D.J. and Lafrance, B., 2021. Transport and coarsening of gold nanoparticles in an orogenic deposit by dissolution-reprecipitation and Ostwald ripening. Communications Earth & Environment, in press.

Schindler, M., Michel, S., Batcheldor, D. and Hochella, M.F. Jr., 2019. A nanoscale study of the formation of Fe-(hydr)oxides in a volcanic regolith: implications for the understanding of soil forming processes on Earth and Mars. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 264, 43-66.

Mantha, H., Schindler, M, and Hochella, M.F., 2019. Occurrence and formation of incidental metallic Cu and CuS nanoparticles in organic-rich contaminated surface soils in Timmins, Ontario. Environmental Science: Nano 6, 163.179.