Department of Earth Sciences
341 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Rd.
Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2
(204) 474-7343


Academic Background

Ph.D., University of Manitoba (2018) - Geology
M.Sc., Acadia University (2005) - Geology
B.Sc., University of Manitoba (2003) - Geology


GEOL 2520 - Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
GEOL 3110 - Petrogenesis of Igneous Rocks
GEOL 3910 - Introduction to Field Mapping

Research Interests

In general, I am most interested in how magmatic processes, both within the Earth and at the surface of the Earth, change magma compositions and physical properties of the magmas. Ultimately, these changing characteristics significantly impact the behavior of magmas as they rise through the Earth's crust and potentially erupt at the Earth surface. Additionally, some of these processes, such as assimilation of the surrounding rocks, have significant impact of the formation of magmatic mineral deposits and the signatures or these processes can be observed within the igneous rocks they create and be used as tools in the exploration for these deposits.

Recent and Significant Publications

Hiebert R. S., Bekker A., Houlé M. G., Rouxel O. 2018. Depositional setting of the Late Archean Fe oxide- and sulfide-bearing chert and graphitic argillite in the Shaw Dome, Abitibi greenstone belt, Canada. Precambrian Research 311, 98-116.

Hiebert R. S., Bekker A., Houlé M. G., Wing B. A., Rouxel O. 2016. Tracing sources of crustal contamination using multiple S and Fe isotopes in the Hart komatiite-associated Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposit, Abitibi greenstone belt, Ontario, Canada. Mineralium Deposita 51, 919-935.

Hiebert R.S., Bekker A., Wing B.A., Rouxel O.J. 2013. The role of paragneiss assimilation in the origin of the Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu sulfide deposit, Labrador: multiple S and Fe isotope evidence. Economic Geology 108, 1459-1469.

Bekker, A., Grokhovskaya, T., Hiebert, R., Sharkov, E., Bui, T., Stadnek, K., Chashchin, V., Wing, B. 2016. Multiple sulfur isotope and mineralogical constraints on the genesis of Ni-Cu-PGE magmatic sulfide mineralization of the Monchegorsk Igneous Complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia. Mineralium Deposita 51, 1035-1053.

Hiebert R.S., Barr, S.M., and Stanley, C.R. 2008. Magma evolution and PGE mineralization in the Late Neoproterozoic Mechanic Settlement Pluton, southern New Brunswick. Atlantic Geology 44, 78–92.