Senior Instructor
Department of Environment and Geography
250 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N2


Academic Background

Doctorate, University of Manitoba (2011) - Geography
Masters of Arts, University of Manitoba (1997) - Geography
Bachelor of Science (Honours), McMaster University - Geography 


GEOG 1290 Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 2700 Introduction to Arctic System Science
GEOG 3200 Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOG 3390 Introduction to Climate Change and Its Causes
GEOG 3810 Quantitative Research Methods in Geography
GEOG 7010 Special Issues: Quantitative Habitat Models
ENVR 2810 Environmental Critical Thinking and Scientific Research 

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the examination of habitat variables for various Arctic marine mammals including ringed seals, polar bears and whales. My research philosophy is centred on the convergence between geomatics, environmental geography and biology, examining the present habitat preference of marine mammals and potential changes that may occur in a changing Arctic environment using current analytical tools and techniques. Current focus is on the application and development of remote sensing technologies to identify whales from space, as well as the spatial analysis and relationship between oceanographic and atmospheric variables and marine mammal preferences over various spatial and temporal scales.

Recent and Significant Publications

Scharffenberg, K.C., D. Whalen, S.A. MacPhee, M. Marcoux, J. Iacozza, G. Davoren, and L.L. Loseto. 2019. Oceanographic, ecological, and socio-economic impacts of an unusual summer storm in the Mackenzie Estuary. Arctic Science, 6(2), 62-76.

Horby, C., J. Iacozza, D.G. Barber and L.L. Loseto.  2016.  Spring habitat use of beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in the southeast Beaufort Sea.  Polar Biology, 39(12), 2319-2334. 

Iacozza, J. and S.H. Ferguson. 2014. Spatio-temporal variability of snow over sea ice in Western Hudson Bay with reference to ringed seal pup survival.  Polar Biology, vol. 37(6):817-832. 

Iacozza, J. and D.G. Barber. 2010. An examination of snow redistribution over smooth land-fast sea ice. Hydrological Processes, 24: 850–865

Stirling, I., N.J. Lunn and J. Iacozza.  1999. Long-term trends in the population ecology of polar bears in western Hudson Bay in relation to climate change.  Arctic, 52 (3): 294-306.