Associate Professor
Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS)

Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
University of Manitoba, 586 Wallace Bldg, 125 Dysart Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3T 2N2
ORCID: 0000-0003-2160-0841
Tel: (204) 474-9084
Cell: (204) 294-8523


Academic Background

PhD, University of Manitoba (1992) 
Analytical chemistry (mass spectrometry) 


Analytical mass spectrometry (ENVR4000 and GEOG7010)

Research Interests

For the past 30 years Dr. Stern’s research has involved the study of environmental pathways of contaminants including their delivery, transport, and elimination from Arctic marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems. His current research focuses in on the development of oil detection and remediation technologies, impacts and fate of oil spills in Arctic marine environments. Among others, Dr. Stern currently co-leads the Genome Canada projects entitled “GENICE - Microbial Genomics for Oil Spill Preparedness In Canada’s Arctic Marine Environment (2016-2022)” and "GENICE II: Reimagining monitored natural attenuation as an oil spill response tool in the Arctic. He is the Director of the new state-of- the-art contaminant and petroleomic facility in CEOS (PETRL; Petroleum EnvironmenTal Research Laboratory) and is the Chair of Churchill Marine Observatory Board of Directors. In 2016 Dr. Stern was awarded Governor General of Canada’s Polar Medal. This medal celebrates Canada’s northern heritage and recognizes persons who render extraordinary services in the polar regions and in Canada’s North.

Current and Recent Graduate Students

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Fischer, Agoston MSc 0000-0001-8740-2560
Desmond, Durell PhD 0000-0003-2133-4387


Recent and Significant Publications

G.A. Stern, C. Macdonald, P. Carvalha. 2022. Baseline levels and characterization of hydrocarbons in surface marine sediments along the transportation corridor in Hudson Bay: A multivariate analysis of n-alkanes, PAHs and biomarkers.  Science of the Total Environment, In press.

D.S., Desmond, D. Saltymakova, A. Smith, T. Wolfe, N. Snyder, K. Polcwiartek, M. Lemes, C.R. Hubert, D.G. Barber, D. Isleifson, G.A. Stern, 2021. Photooxidation and biodegradation potential of a light crude oil in first-year sea ice. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 165: 112154.

D.S. Desmond, O. Crabeck, M. Lemes, M.L. Harasyn, A. Mansoori, D. Saltymakova, M..C. Fuller, S. Rysgaard, D. G. Barber, D. Isleifson, G.A. Stern. 2021. Investigation into the geometry and distribution of oil inclusions in sea ice using non-destructive X-ray microtomography and its implications for remote sensing and mitigation potential. Marine Pollution, 173, 112996.

J.K Adams, B.Y Dean, S.N. Athey, L.M. Jantunen, S. Bernstein, G. Stern, M.L. Diamond, S.A. Finkelstein. 2021. Anthropogenic particles (including microfibers and microplastics) in marine sediments of the Canadian Arctic. Science of The Total Environment. 784, 147155.

A. Loria, P. Archambault, A. Burt, A. Ehrman, C. Grant, M. Power, G.A. Stern. 2020. Mercury and stable isotope (δ13C and δ15N) trends in decapods of the Beaufort Sea, Polar Biology 43 (5), 443-456.