Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Earth Sciences
418-125 Dysart Road
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
R2T 2N2


Academic Background

Ph.D. McMaster University, 1973
B.Sc.(Spec) Imperial College, London, 1968
A.R.S.M. Royal School of Mines, London, 1968

Research Interests

My long-term research program uses crystal-structure determination and refinement in conjunction with many forms of spectroscopy and microbeam analysis to characterize minerals at the atomic level, and to develop theoretical approaches that combine graph theory, bond-valence theory, and the moments approach to the electronic-energy density-of-states to interpret topological aspects of crystal structures, to understanding mineral stability and the behaviour of minerals in geological processes.

Recent and Significant Publications

Day, M.C. & Hawthorne, F.C. (2020) A structure hierarchy for silicate minerals: Chain, ribbon, and tube silicates. Mineralogical Magazine 84, 165–244.

Gagné, O.C. & Hawthorne, F.C. (2020) Bond-length distributions for ions bonded to oxygen: Results for the transition metals and quantification of the factors underlying bond-length variation in inorganic solids. IUCrJ 7, 581-629.

Hawthorne, F.C., Uvarova, Y.A. & Sokolova, E. (2019) A structure hierarchy for silicate minerals: sheet silicates. Mineralogical Magazine 83, 3-55.

Hawthorne, F.C. (2015) Toward theoretical mineralogy: a bond-topological approach. American Mineralogist 100, 696-713.

Hawthorne, F.C. (2014) The Structure Hierarchy Hypothesis. Mineralogical Magazine 78, 957-1027.