Natural Resources Institute
312 Sinnott Building, 70 Dysart Road
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
(204) 474 8375

Academic Background

PhD, University of Manitoba (Canada), 1988. Geography and Environment MA, University of Manitoba (Canada), 1988, Geography and Environment MA, Jahangirnagar University (Bangladesh), 1978, Environment and Geography BA Hons., Jahangirnagar University (Bangladesh), 1976, Environment and Geography


NRI 7180 Sustainable Development & Natural Resources
NRI 7242 Resource & Environmental Management Policy
NRI 7310 PhD Research Seminar
NRI 7320 Environmental Risk and Hazards
NRI 7330 Water Resources

Research Interests

Dr. Haque’s primary academic interest is to explore into the patterns and processes in the nature and society interface. As his background primarily is in the area of resource and environmental management, with concentrations in environmental risk assessment, hazard and disaster management, environment and human health and water resource management, Dr. Haque offers courses in these areas by linking them to his experience in Manitoba and other parts of Canada, and many other countries of the world.

Dr. Haque’s current research interest centers around human involvement in addressing problems concerning the environment and our natural and other resources. He has keen interest in the implications of the development gaps between the developed world and developing countries for common-property resources. At the present time, his research involvement encompasses the following inter- and trans-disciplinary areas: participatory decision-making framework for sustainable development and resource management; role of risk perception, social learning, and communication in disaster-risk management; adaptation and community resilience to climate change and its associated extreme environmental events; food systems, dietary habits and non-communicable diseases; social and ecological factors of communicable disease transmission;  gender and social equity implications of climate change policy interventions and actions; social economy and value chain of dried fish in Southeast and South Asia. 

The significant on-going projects are the SSHRC Insight-funded "Social learning and change in disaster management for building resilience"; IDRC-funded "Accelerated climate action and enhancement of empowering women and social equity in Bangladesh"; SSHRC Partnership-funded "Vulnerability to Viability: A global partnership to build strong small-scale fisheries communties"; SSHRC Partnership-funded "Dried fish matters: mapping the social economy of dried fish in South and Southeast Asia".

Recent and Significant Publications

Choudhury, M-U-L, Haque,, C.E., Nishat, A., Byrne, S. 2021. “Social learning for building community resilience to cyclones: role of indigenous and local knowledge, power, and institutions in coastal Bangladesh”. Ecology and Society, Vol. 26, No 1. 

Shahidullah, A.K.M., Choudhury, M., Haque, C. E. 2020. “Ecosystem changes and community wellbeing: Social-ecological innovations in enhancing resilience of wetlands communities in Bangladesh”, Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability.   
Uddin, M. S., Haque, C. E., Walker, D., Choudhury, M. 2020. “Community resilience to cyclone and storm surge disasters: evidence from coastal communities of Bangladesh”.  Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 264, 110457. 

Uddin, M. S., Haque, C.E. and Khan, M. N. 2020. “Good governance and local level policy implementation for disaster-risk-reduction: Actual, perceptual and contested perspectives in coastal communities in Bangladesh”. Disaster Prevention and Management

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Islam, S., Haque, C.E., Hossain, S., Walker, D. 2019. “Association among ecological and behavioural attributes, dengue vector, and disease control: A cross-sectional study of the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh”. International Health, 30 November, 2019. pp. 1-11. 

Choudhury, M-U-I., Uddin, M.S. and Haque, C.E. 2019. “Nature brings us extreme events, some people cause us prolonged sufferings”: the role of good governance in building community resilience to natural disasters in Bangladesh, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 61, No. 10, pp. 1761-1781.

Paul, K.K., Dhar-Chowdhury, P., Haque, C.E. et al. 2018. Risk factors for the presence of dengue vector mosquitoes, and determinants of their prevalence and larval site selection in Dhaka, Bangladesh, PLOS ONE, June 2018. 1-13. 

Haque, C.E., Idrobo, C.J., Berkes, F., and Giesbrecht, D. 2015. “Small-scale fishers’ adaptation to change: The role of formal and informal credit in Paraty, Brazil”, Marine Policy, Vol. 51, pp. 401-407.