Doctor bonnie hallman standing in a library with many books behind her.

Associate Professor
Environment and Geography
224 St John's College
92 Dysart Rd
Winnipeg, MB  R3T 2M5
204 474 8004


Academic Background

Ph.D., University of Guelph (1997)
M.A. (with distinction), University of Guelph (1991)
Human Geography/Rural Studies
B.A. (Honours), University of Guelph (1987)
Human Geography



GEOG 1280 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG / HNSC 3870 Food Geographies
GEOG / ENVR 3890 Geography and Wellness
GEOG 4280 Gender and the Human Environment

Research Interests

My research interests centre around the ways families interact with the spaces and places of everyday life in order to care for and nurture their members. Over my career I have focused on two types of families: those with elders needing care as they age, and those with young children whose parents are building family ties and memories while having fun together in landscapes/places identified as family-friendly. Evolving from this focus on geographies of care-giving, I am interested in therapeutic landscapes and spaces/places of wellness. Most recently I have been exploring so-called 'blue spaces' (open skies and water) and their influences on mental health and wellbeing. Additionally, I have an interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning, specifically in the First Year Transition into university studies.

Recent and Significant Publications

O’Brien-Moran, M. and B. C. Hallman. (2015) Attributional Retraining and First Year Academic Success. Student Academic Success, University of Manitoba. 

Hallman, Bonnie C. (2010) (ed.) Family Geographies: The Spatiality of Families and Family Life. Oxford University Press: Toronto ON.

Benbow, S.M.P. and B.C. Hallman (2008) Reading the zoo map: cultural heritage insights from popular cartography.  International Journal of Heritage Studies 14(1): 30-42.  

Hallman, B.C. and S.M.P. Benbow (2007) Family leisure, photography and zoos: exploring the emotional geographies of families. Social and Cultural Geography 8(6): 871-888.

Hallman, B.C. and A.E. Joseph (1999/2000) Getting there: mapping the gendered geography of care giving to elderly relatives. Canadian Journal on Aging. 18(4): 397-414.