Effects of Dissolved Organic Carbon on Phytoplankton Community Structure in Boreal Lakes

Authors:  Julia Kozak, Dr. Mark Hanson, Scott Higgins

Variability and Drivers of Primary Productivity Between Eutrophic and Oligotrophic Lakes at the IISD Experimental Lakes Area

Authors: Leah Dickenson, Dr. Mark Hanson, Scott Higgins

Impacts of Traffic Collisions on Avian Abundance

Authors: Andre Picard, Dr. Nicola Koper

Discourses of Transit Equity in the Winnipeg Transit Master Plan

Authors: Ian Smith, Dr. Bruce Erickson

Identifying Benefits and Barriers to Creating and Operating Indigenous Northern Community Gardens

Authors: Fiona Lebar, Dr. Stephane Mclachlan

Marine Disturbance from Arctic Vessels

A Geospatial Impact Support Analysis of Increased Arctic
Shipping on Marine Mammals in Chesterfield Inlet Kivalliq Region

Authors: Joshua Kakepetum
Supervisor: Dr. Nicole J. Wilson

Winnipeg Parks

A short investigation into inequality in public natural spaces

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Applying Locally-Derived Symbiotic Endophytes in Haskap Production in the B.C. Peace Region

Author: Keira Nichol

Connecting Through Canoeing

The role of canoeing in connecting Indigenous youths with cultural
traditions and the environment

Author: Madeline Mitchell
Supervisor: Dr. Bruce Erickson

Tracking Fall Migration of American Robins Using the ICARUS Tracking System Challenges and Problems

Author: Nicole Chan
Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Fraser