Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences
Associate Dean (Academic), CHRFEER
444 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road 
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 2N2


Academic Background

B.Sc., McGill University (1994) - Solid Earth Geophysics
M.Sc., University of British Columbia (1997) - Geophysics
Ph.D., University of British Columbia (2001) - Geophysics


GEOL 2060 - Introductory Geophysics
GEOL 3740 - Exploration Seismology
GEOL 4250 - Theory and Application of Geophysical Inversion Methods
GEOL 4320 - Physics of the Earth: Seismology and Heat Flow
GEOL 4740 - Geophysics Field Course (co-taught)
GEOL 7200 - Earth Systems of Central Canada (team-taught)
GEOL 7720 - Geophysical Imaging and Data Processing
GEOL 7480 - Advanced Seismology 1

Research Interests

I am an earthquake seismologist who uses earthquake recordings to obtain structural information about the Earth's interior, with a primary focus on the layers that participate in plate tectonics: the crust and upper mantle. I am interested in understanding how the lithosphere participates in tectonic processes, how the continental lithosphere formed, and how past tectonic events are recorded in lithospheric structure beneath the continents. To do this, I use techniques such as surface and body-wave tomography (which give 3-D images of structure), shear-wave splitting (which detects oriented fabric), and receiver functions (which detect sharp interfaces). I'm also interested in advancing the state of the art of these methods, and have developed a new transfer-function technique that addresses some problems with the receiver function method. I'm also interested in new applications of interferometric methods, which are based on seismic noise rather than earthquakes, and can be used at widely-varying scales from the near-surface to the upper lithosphere.

Recent and Significant Publications

Frederiksen, A.W., Pokar, P., Barrow, E., Revenaugh, J., and Van der Lee, S. (2021) Altered mantle fabric beneath the Mid-Continent Rift, in prep. 

Frederiksen, A.W. (2020) Transfer functions between teleseismic data components, Geophysical Journal International 221, 1248-1263, 

Bollmann, T., Van der Lee, S., Frederiksen, A.W., Wolin, E., Revenaugh, J., Wiens, D.A., Darbyshire, F.A., Stein, S., Wysession, M.E., and Jurdy, D. (2019) P-wave teleseismic traveltime tomography of the North American Midcontinent, Journal of Geophysical Research 124, 1725-1742

Chichester, B., Rychert, C., Harmon, N., Van der Lee, S., Frederiksen, A., and Zhang, H. (2018) Seismic imaging of the North American Mid-Continent Rift using S-to-P receiver functions, Journal of Geophysical Research 123, 7791-7805

Zaporozan, T., Frederiksen, A.W., Bryksin, A., and Darbyshire, F. (2018) Surface-wave images of western Canada: lithospheric variations across the Cordillera/craton boundary, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 55, 887-896