Spacecraft and drone guidance, navigation, and control for space and Arctic remote sensing.


Guidance, navigation, control, and manufacturing of aerospace vehicles.

Research description

Dr. Ferguson's research explores how low-cost aerospace systems (spacecraft and drones) can be used to support researchers and Northern communities with timely information that is immediately useful. The aerospace industry has long been associated with high price tags and extremely long development schedules. Advances in big data analytics, navigation, adaptive control, and machine learning all show incredible potential for invigorating the aerospace sector, but risk aversion still drives design decisions. Aerospace, as an industry, needs technologies that improve the trust of these new technologies so that we can "make space" for more than just government agencies with billion dollar budgets. By researching safe, reliable, and trustworthy technologies, backed by modern computing, data management, and advanced manufacturing, we can "make space" for communities, "make space" for research, and "make space" for industry.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dr. Ferguson is seeking students interested in spacecraft and drone dynamics and control with applications in remote sensing and vehicle coordination.

Selected Publications

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