Our strategic plan

As a result of extensive consultations with students, faculty, staff, and community partners, the Faculty of Education has identified priorities for the next three years. Throughout these consultations, several themes have emerged and, as a result, they have been integrated into one or more of the five pillars of the Faculty’s Strategic Plan that will help us promote a culture of integrity, collaboration, inclusion, innovation, and respect.

Dean's office and staff

  • Dr. Jan Stewart in a black blazer
  • Jan Stewart, PhD

    Dean, Faculty of Education


Dr. Jan Stewart brings a wealth of knowledge from over 30 years of experience working in the Manitoba education system; she has worked as a teacher and counsellor in the K-12 public school system, a contract curriculum writer and consultant for the Province of Manitoba, and an educator for pre-service teachers and school counsellors. 

Dr. Stewart is also a renowned researcher in the areas of children and youth affected by conflict, trauma, violence, abuse, mental health issues, and human rights violations. As a community-engaged scholar, Dr. Stewart partners with educators, settlement services, and government and non-government organizations to develop innovative programs and support services to meet the mental health and settlement needs of children, youth, and postsecondary students.  

Administrative Staff

Ann Marie Daley - AnnMarie.Daley@umanitoba.ca - Manager, Finance and Administration

Dean.Education@umanitoba.ca - Confidential Assistant to the Dean

Communications.education@umanitoba.ca -  Communication, Events & Alumni Coordinator

Associate Deans

  • Frank Deer Profile Picture

    Frank Deer, PhD

    Associate Dean
    Indigenous Education

  • Frank is a professor and is Kanienkeha’ka from Kahnawake, a community that lies just south of Tiotia’ke in the eastern region of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. He holds a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of Saskatchewan. Frank studies Indigenous education and Indigenous religious and spiritual orientations. He has previously served as a classroom teacher in Northern Manitoba and in the Inner City of Winnipeg.

    The Office of the Associate Dean Indigenous Education (ADIE) will build on the existing mandates of the University of Manitoba Indigenous Senior Leadership Plan and the Faculty of Education’s Strategic Plan supporting Indigenous engagement and achievement. In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action 62-65, Education for reconciliation, the ADIE will support initiatives focused on such areas of concern as Indigenous history, epistemology, and perspectives. The ADIE, in consultation with the Dean, the Associate Dean Graduate and Research (ADGR) and the Associate Dean Undergraduate & Partnerships (ADUP), will support the Faculty of Education’s work as it improves our undergraduate and graduate programmes. The ADIE will support faculty and staff who seek to engage in work that involves Indigenous knowledges, histories and perspectives. This support will include overseeing such things as budget considerations, program delivery, curricular issues, admissions and student services relating to all aspects of Indigenous Education. The Associate Dean Indigenous Education will also engage with the Office of the Vice-President Indigenous and Senior Administration at the University of Manitoba.

    Faculty of Education Reconciliation Action Plan

    Twitter: @Frank_Deer

Assistant to the Associate Dean (Indigenous Education) - adie.education@umanitoba.ca

  • Melanie Janzen Profile Picture

    Melanie Janzen, PhD

    Associate Dean
    Graduate Programs and Research

  • Dr. Melanie Janzen is Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research (ADGR) of the Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba. She is also an Associate Professor in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning who specializes in teacher education and curriculum studies (www.melaniedjanzen.ca). Melanie is a vocal advocate for public education, and as a researcher, uses critical perspectives to explore the inter-related workings of power and discourses, particularly as they relate to the identities of teachers and children. Prior to earning her PhD from the University of British Columbia, Melanie was a classroom teacher and learning support teacher in numerous public schools in Winnipeg.   
    In her role as Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research (ADGR), Melanie is committed to enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our graduate programs as well as in faculty and graduate student research. Working alongside the Associate Dean, Indigenous Education and other community partners, she will support efforts and develop programs that foster Indigenous-focused graduate programming, cohorts, and community relationships. Melanie is also committed to supporting early career faculty as they strive to develop their research, teaching and service portfolios.
    The Faculty of Education has a large and robust graduate program that includes Masters and PhD programs and that serves local and international students. Melanie will build on our community partnerships to better serve our rural and Northern communities through meaningful and accessible graduate programming. Our faculty members’ research interests are vast and contribute to academic and professional conversations locally, nationally and internationally. As researchers and teachers, our faculty members are committed to working with graduate students and to developing reciprocal research partnerships with individuals and organizations. Please feel free to contact Melanie if you are interested in finding out more about graduate programs or research partnerships.



Jessica Bound - adgr.education@umanitoba.ca
Assistant to the Associate Dean, Graduate and Research 


  • Wayne Serebrin Profile Picture

    Wayne Serebrin, PhD

    Associate Dean
    Undergraduate and Partnerships

  • Dr. Serebrin is a relational learner, teacher, and leader. For nearly three decades as a teacher educator, he engaged in language and literacy education co-inquires with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty colleagues, PreK-12 educators, and children and youth (in mostly school-based, collaborative partnership programs). Since 2019, Dr. Serebrin's teaching, scholarship, and service inquires have been refocused on contemplative, decolonial, and counter-oppressive education - as a way of visioning/revisioning a more caring and just world. Dr. Serebrin is committed to co-creating "relational culture" - care, connection, and belonging - in educational communities. Presently, he is collaborating with PreK-12 teachers, staff and faculty colleagues, and national and international educators exploring the potentials of contemplative, holistic, integrative, and transformative educational practices, research, and theory. This complex pedagogical, embodied, creative, and playful work invites conscientization and interruption of modernist/colonial denials and complicity in ongoing habits of oppression, domination, and violence; holding the complex and difficult challenges we face without becoming overwhelmed and without urgently seeking "immediate solutions"; trauma-informed, intrapersonal, interpersonal, systemic, and cultural levels. 

    As Associate Dean, Undergraduate and Partnerships, Dr. Serebrin seeks to "lift up" the importance and the quality of the craft of teaching; build collaborative partnerships with multiple and diverse communities; and cultivate practices and discourses of care and justice in the work we do together as a university and larger education system. 


Nicole Jensen - adu.education@umanitoba.ca
Assistant to Associate Dean, Undergraduate and Partnerships

Department Heads

Graham Lea, PhD

Acting Department Head
Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning

Jo-Anne Gendreau
Department Admin Assistant - CTL

Robert Renaud, PhD

Acting Department Head
Educational Administration, Foundations & Psychology

Jill Wharton
Department Admin Assistant - EAFP