• PhD, University of Saskatchewan
    MEd, Lakehead University
    BEd, Lakehead University
    BA (Adv.), University of Manitoba 


  • Lucy Fowler (she/they) is a two-spirit Métis woman, born and raised in Winnipeg, and an Assistant Professor with the Department of Educational Administration, Foundations, and Psychology. Lucy's family are Sinclairs, Cummings, and Prudens, some of whom took scrip in St. Andrews and St. John, and she has other family and ancestors from Red River, Oxford House, Norway House, and Sioux Valley, and settler ancestors from the Orkney Islands and Ireland. Lucy's research and teaching focus on Métis youth identity, Indigenous education, queer theory, Indigenous feminisms, Indigenous hip hop, and youth cultures. 

    Dr. Fowler co-founded Pawaatamihk: Journal of Métis Thinkers and is a member of the Circle of Editors. She is also the Assistant Editor of the Canadian Journal of Indigenous Studies (formerly the Canadian Journal of Native Studies), and part of the executives of both Canadian Association of Social Justice Education and Queer Studies in Education and Culture (Canadian Society for the Study of Education). 

    Along with being an educator and faculty member, Lucy has spent years organizing and working in community. Lucy was a co-founder of the Mamawi Project  (a group of Métis folks from across the homelands who are dedicated to community growth and cultural resurgence) and became one of the first members of the Two-Spirit Michif Local of the Manitoba Metis Federation, where she now serves as Chair. She has been involved in many Indigenous grassroots initiatives in Winnipeg, including Red Rising Magazine and 13 Fires. As one of the co-founders of Red Rising Education, Lucy worked in partnership to developed the Red Rising Education Unit Plans which have been purchased by school divisions across Canada. Lucy also has elementary and secondary classroom experience and has been part of curriculum development for the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

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