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Step 1: Choose a syllabus template

All syllabi templates provided conform to the requirements of ROASS (including Schedule “A”). Most people will use the Microsoft Word template; however, two alternative formats have also been provided.

Individual faculties, schools, departments, and other academic units often have additional policies. Check with your unit head for more information.

Please note: Information about ROASS and The Centre’s sample for Schedule “A” can be found in the UM Policies and UM Learner Supports sections of our Syllabus Creation Guide (see Step 2: Use our guide to create your syllabus).

Alternative syllabus templates

UM Learn syllabus template

You can also import a syllabus template directly into your UM Learn course shell. Log in to UM Learn and choose “Self-Registration” in the menu items on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Self-register for the course “UMLearn Inclusive Syllabus Template.” If you cannot access UM Learn, please contact the Service Desk at 204-474-8600 or servicedesk@umanitoba.ca.


Sway syllabus template

Sway is a Microsoft 365 application that allows you to design interactive documents such as a liquid syllabus. A liquid syllabus is one that is user-friendly and accessible to students using a variety of devices by virtue of it being available on the website outside of a learning management system. Instructions for downloading/duplicating the Sway syllabus template have been provided in the first section of the template (see “About This Template”). For assistance editing the Sway syllabus template, please reach out to The Centre to schedule a consultation at thecentrecontactus@umanitoba.ca

Step 2: Use our guide to create your syllabus

Refer to each section in our syllabus creation guide to help you build your syllabus.

Step 3: Make your syllabus reflect your values and goals

Once you've built your syllabus, here are some other resources and ideas to consider to make your syllabus reflect your values and goals.