What video conferencing application should I be using for teaching and learning?

  • Webex is an approved and supported enterprise solution for video conferencing and synchronous teaching at the University of Manitoba. To access quick guides and support on how to use Webex, please visit:
  • Webex offers the following benefits and services for teaching and learning:
    • Fully integrated with UM Learn
    • Secure and reliable
    • Class attendance is automatically generated after each session
    • Instructors can:
      • Establish virtual office hours
      • Record and stream their classes
      • Poll students
      • Easily share content and visual aids
      • Create breakout sessions for students to collaborate and share ideas

I have an extra large business meeting with many attendees. What system should I use?

  • Webex is also available for business meetings and doesn’t have any licensing restrictions. For more information, please contact the IST Service Desk.
  • Microsoft Teams, a supported and approved enterprise productivity tool, is recommended for anyone who has Microsoft O365 enabled. Teams allows for instant chat and can support a meeting with up to 250 attendees. Note: All members in a meeting must be licensed to use Teams.

My internet does not support video calls. I have slower internet, or I have no internet. What should I use?

  • The University has negotiated a toll-free dial-in number to support audio-only calls with Webex for teaching and learning. This option will appear automatically when students login to a Webex session.

How do I get support or ask additional questions?

  • For support on how to use Webex for teaching and learning, contact The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • For all other support for Webex or Teams, contact the IST Service Desk at or (204) 474-8600. 

Please note that IST and The Centre do not have licensing and do not provide support for Zoom.