Learn the foundations of teaching an online or remote learning course in this three-module (5 hour) course for instructors. 

Current instructors, can access this UM Learn based course directly at Teaching Supports for Remote Learning Courses

Newly appointed instructors, must first self-register for the course. If you cannot access UM Learn please contact the Service Desk at 204-474-8600, or  

Course structure

Module One: Teaching an Online or Remote Course 

This 3-hour, asynchronous module will prepare instructors to teach learners in the online and remote learning environment. 

Module Two: How to use a Framework Course – a Video Series

This video series, which can be completed in under 60 minutes, will guide an instructor through UM Learn using a Framework Course. Briefly covering each of the core UM Learn tools, the instructor can edit the Framework Course to build their own remote learning course. 

A Framework Course is the starting place for your course development. It contains examples in each of the basic UM Learn tools (Grades, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, Content, Announcements) that can be edited to quickly get your course up and running. Three versions of the Framework course are available, which contain examples that align to several disciplines. 

Every framework course will contain standard components that assist an instructor in meeting both ROASS requirements, and best practices for online and remote learning. 

Module Three: How to Teach Synchronously with Webex (Mac and PC versions) 

In less than 1-hour, this asynchronous video tutorial series will guide you in using Webex to teach synchronously in a remote and online setting. From scheduling the class to teaching with breakout rooms and office hours. 

Complete the readiness to teach survey and customized support tool

This 5-minute, questionnaire-based, tool will help any instructor assess their readiness to teach remotely and online, and direct them to resources in areas tailored to assist them. Instructors will be able to identify areas in which they may benefit from additional development and customized results will provide direct access to the resources available to support those areas.

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Course Development Guide

The Course Development Guide serves a reference for University of Manitoba course authors and instructors who are creating or revising online, blended, or face-to-face courses. This guide is designed to facilitate the development of a course framework and is intended to prompt you to consider the many steps in the development process. The guide has been created in a workbook format to walk you through the creation of the course from preliminary planning to delivery. 

Download the Course Development Guide

How to learn online

In this 3-hour, asynchronous course, learners will discover the skills required to succeed in online learning. Instructors and Teaching Assistants who take the course will gain a better understanding of the unique challenges facing online learners. 

All instructors, must first self-register for the course. If you cannot access UM Learn please contact the Service Desk at 204-474-8600, or