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Date and location

We anticipate another Instructional Skills Workshop program will be held in the reading week of winter term 2021.

Program overview and goals

Developed in British Columbia in the late 1970s, the Instructional Skills Workshop was initially intended for new instructors. Since then, the program has grown extensively and has become a component of many faculty development programs across colleges and universities in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

  • The overall goals of the Instructional Skills Workshop:

    • help participants develop increased competence and confidence as facilitators of learning
    • provide resources to assist participants with their ongoing practice of professional reflection
    • offer opportunity for participants to establish partnerships with colleagues from other disciplines 

    Workshop benefits

    • Competency-based instruction
    • Experiential learning
    • Growth-producing feedback
    • Reflective practices
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Process and participation

During the Instructional Skills Workshop, participants will:

  • Plan and deliver three “mini-lessons”
  • Develop participatory instructional skills
  • Generate effective verbal and written feedback techniques
  • Learn and teach collaboratively

Please note: Participants will be working in small groups for most of the workshop. Therefore, it is critical for the success of each participant if they commit fully to the three days and to prepare the required work each evening for the next day.

Participants from previous workshops have also highlighted that it is important not to try to conduct regular university business during the three-day program.


Once participants have completed the Instructional Skills Workshop, they will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba.

To learn more about Instructional Skills Workshop, please check Instructional Skills Workshop Network.

Program registration

Rather than a simple open registration, The Centre invites Departments/Faculties to nominate one Sessional Instructor for the Instructional Skills Workshop program. A random draw will then be used to select from the nominations for participation.

As the Collective Agreement requires that the sessional instructors be paid for their time participating in Instructional Skills Workshop, The Centre has partnered with the Provost Office to make funds available to cover these costs, for this intake.

Please note: The Department/Faculty will pay the instructor(s) and then receive reimbursement from the Provost Office. Please contact Mr. Michael Sheldon for additional details.

Program Capacity: 10

Contact us

The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
65 Dafoe Road, Winnipeg, MB
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada