Academic Integrity Working Group

Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

  • Identify and develop ways in which faculty and instructors can be encouraged and supported to provide education about academic integrity within the classroom and other learning environments (e.g., labs).
  • Provide direction and content for a resources, including content to be added to the Academic Integrity site that will house resources, tools and information on best practices regarding academic integrity promotion.
  • Provide direction to the Student Advocacy - the centralized unit on campus with mandate to educate university community on academic integrity – with regard to AI week program planning; development and delivery orientation sessions and presentations for students and educational workshops for faculty; and creation and/or revision of AI promotional material (online and hardcopy).
  • Investigate and make recommendations regarding regulations, policy and procedures pertaining to academic integrity and handling of academic dishonesty allegations.
  • Provide updates on the working group's activities at least bi-annually to both the Associate Deans Undergraduate and Council of Student Affairs (COSA).

2. Membership

  • Co-Chairs Representative from ADU
  • Director, Student Advocacy and Accessibility
  • Director, Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Director, Academic Learning Centre
  • Representative from the Libraries
  • Representatives from each of Faculty of Arts, Science, University 1, and FGS
  • Representative from Extended Education
  • Faculty Representative(s) from Professional programs (e.g. Education)
  • Faculty Representative(s) from Faculty of Health Sciences
  • 1-2 academic teaching staff
  • 3 Student representatives (UMSU, GSA and Academic Integrity Ambassador)