food, work with youth and elders experience life in Northern Man

  • Gain an intimate perspective on everyday life in the north as we shop from the town’s only grocery store, live under a boil water advisory and experience the unrivalled hospitality of northern communities.
  • Get your hands dirty in the greenhouse and learn about food security and growing food in the north with the Indigenous youth leaders of Grow North.
  • Develop your project planning skills by supporting preparations for the annual Grow North Spring Gathering, which shares knowledge and experiences in food, culture and sustainability.
  • Try country foods that have sustained Cree and Dene peoples in the north and discover the beauty of the boreal forest region.

April 27 - June 7 (6 weeks)
1-week training in Winnipeg
4-week northern placement
1-day debrief in Winnipeg

2-5 students

Partial and full bursaries
available for all U of M students who demonstrate financial need.

Deadline: Sun, March 9

Get ready for Leaf Rapids: Northern Community Engagement with four days of Community Engagement Training. Get to know your program team, learn about the Leaf Rapids and Cree peoples, and develop your skills in community engagement.

Leaf Rapids: Northern Community Engagement is offered in partnership with Grow North, under the leadership of Regional Gardening Coordinator, Brian Trewin, and Grown North staff, Jerome Linklater. Grow North is a project out of FSD Area 1, which helps youth and community members connect with gardening and sustainability in the North. We thank Area 1 Superintendent Don McCaskill, in particular, for his generous support of the program.

We are also lovingly supported by many Leaf Rapids community members, including Uncle Keith Anderson, Auntie Bert, Uncle Dennis, Grandpa Jake and the rest of the Anderson family; our northern family Caroline and John Brayley, Jackie and Zerversa, Chris and Dori, and Ervin, Mayor of Leaf Rapids; Chuck Stensgard, the former coordinator with whom we started our CSL program; Principal Daniel Currie, Vice-Principal Eileen Bishop, Ms. Anterola, Ms. Lussier, Ms. Anderson and Ms. Sanderson with the Elders Tea, and other staff at Leaf Rapids Education Centre; Joan at the Leaf Rapids Public Library; Craig at the Town Centre; Dawna, Kirk and the great staff at the Co-op; and many, many others.