SAS Scheduler and Exams

SAS uses an online scheduler for letters of accommodation, test booking, and volunteer note-taking information. Access the SAS scheduler through the "Student Accessibility Services" link located on the right-hand side of your JUMP home screen. For detailed instructions, please visit the links below.

Here are some tutorials to assist you with using the SAS scheduler.  If you would prefer in-person assistance, please contact us!

SAS Exam Centre

The SAS exam centre has private rooms equipped with ergonomic chairs, incandescent lamps, and fans. An accessible washroom is located inside the SAS Exam Centre.

The SAS Exam Centre follows the UM Final Examinations Procedure. However, as the centre has private spaces, students are not permitted to bring personal items such as backpacks into their rooms. A waiting area includes open storage spaces where students can leave coats and belongings. SAS does not recommend that you bring valuables to tests/exams as we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. 

SAS test computers have no internet access. The exam centre has the following assistive technology available: Zoomtext, Jaws, WindowEyes, Kurzweil 3000, and Dragon Naturally Speaking and others.  A CCTV is available upon request.

Alternate Exam Locations

Due to space limitations, students may write at a different location other than the SAS Exam Centre.

All letters of accommodation, test booking, and volunteer information is located under the Student Accessibility Service scheduler in JUMP.