How a tutor can help Graduate students
Booking Appointments
  • One 1-hour appointment (or two ½ hour appointments) per week
  • Fort Garry Campus: Phone 204-480-1481 or visit 201 Tier
  • Bannatyne Campus: Phone 204-272-3190 or visit 245 T-wing
  • Office hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday

Study Skills

  • Reading more efficiently
  • Taking notes from lectures or seminar discussions
  • Managing time
  • Test-taking
  • Concentrating
  • Understanding and retaining large amounts of information

Bring relevant materials (course outlines, texts, lecture notes, etc.)  to the appointment.

Writing support

  • Developing and organizing ideas
  • Organizing large research projects
  • Synthesizing and integrating research
  • Citing and referencing sources
  • Preparing research or thesis proposals
  • Meeting thesis or dissertation deadlines
  • Producing and delivering presentations
  • Improving editing strategies

Bring a hard copy of to the appointment and highlight specific sections for attention. Rather than proofreading or editing papers, instructors offer feedback to help students improve their writing skills.

Online tutoring

Graduate students may also use the ALC’s Online Writing Tutor service. Online Tutoring is not an editing service; instead, responses will address specific questions. Students must allow a minimum of 2 business days for a response to an online submission (graduate student submissions may take longer).