UM Achieve FAQs for Students

What is ‘UM Achieve’?

UM Achieve gives you a Degree Audit that shows how your courses apply to a degree program. UM Achieve is available 24/7. 

Why would I use UM Achieve?

It can help you answer questions like…

  • How far along am I in my degree?
  • What else do I need for my degree?
  • Can I use my courses for other degrees?
  • Did I register correctly?
  • Am I ready to graduate?
  • What minor/concentrations/options can I take?

How do I get to UM Achieve?

Log on to UM Achieve through JUMP under the ‘Students’ tab

How do I use UM Achieve?

Who else can use UM Achieve?

Academic Advisors, Career Consultants and often the front office staff in the Faculty offices can run degree audits when they meet with students.

How can I look at my own audit?

Click on ‘Run Declared Program’
This will generate an audit for the program you’re currently registered in.  Students who began their programs prior to Fall 2015 should work with an Academic Advisor to determine whether or not degree requirements are being met.

How can I explore programs?

Click on ‘Run a What-if Audit’
This will generate an audit for any degree program you might be interested in exploring. After running a ‘What-if audit’, you should meet with an Academic Advisor to review the audit to be sure you are interpreting the results correctly. 

  • If you’re looking to get into a program choose the newest available Catalog Year.
  • If you’re thinking about adding a minor or concentration, use your own Catalog Year. Your own Catalog Year is listed when you log into UM Achiev

What’s a Catalog Year?

Every year, changes to degree programs can happen. The Catalog Year identifies the set of degree regulations that apply to a specific year.

How do I read my audit?

Watch the video tutorial:

What does IP, LPIP, VW, AW, AU, CR mean?

  • IP = In progress
  • LPIP = Letter of Permission in Progress
  • LPDN = Letter of Permission Denied
  • VW = Voluntary Withdrawal
  • VWS = Voluntary Withdrawal Strike
  • AW = Authorized Withdrawal
  • CR = Block transfer course (only used in designated programs with transfer credit agreements)
  • DW = Deferred Writing in progress
  • DX = Deferred Writing Complete
  • W 15 = Winter Term 2015
  • F 15 = Fall Term 2015
  • S 15 = Summer Term 2015
  • Audit = A report that shows how far along you are in a program
  • Program = all of the requirements needed to get a degree
  • Exception = any change to a requirement in a program

When should I run a degree audit?

Any time!

UM Achieve is live, which means it has the most up-to-date information from your student record. Some important times to run your audit are:

  • Before you register for courses to see what you still need
  • After you register to see how the courses fit in your program
  • Whenever you change anything with your program/degree, major, minor, and/or concentration
  • Before the VW deadline or when you plan to make a change to your registration
  • If you’re planning to graduate, use an audit to check if everything is blue and green
  • If you’re trying to make a choice between programs

Why does my course have zero credit hours?

A course will have 0 credit hours because:

  • The course is 6 credit hours and the credit hours are attached to the other half of the course
  • You’re repeating the course
  • You’ve registered for or completed an equivalent course
  • You’ve registered for or completed a mutually exclusive course
  • The course is Pass/Fail with no credit given

If none of the above applies to you, and you have questions, please contact your home faculty Academic Advisor. 

What should I do if my UM Achieve audit doesn’t match with the regulations in the Academic Calendar?

  • The online University of Manitoba Academic Calendar is the official document.  Please consult with an Academic Advisor in your home Faculty for assistance in interpreting your audit and degree requirements.

I have more questions.   Who do I talk to?

Please contact your home faculty Academic Advisor.


Last updated: October 2019