Jade Weimer


Dr. Jade Weimer is the Dean of Studies at St John’s College, and a term instructor in the Department of Religion at the University of Manitoba. Her work examines the various functionalities of musical rites and discourse on music in early Christianity, which include singing as an identity marker, a tool of pedagogy, and a rhetorical mechanism to recruit new members. Additionally, she is also interested in the intersection between early Christian singing, female authority, and power structures in the early church and her research employs theories of embodiment and cognitive science.

Course List

  • RLGN 1322 Introduction to World Religion: Eastern Traditions
  • RLGN 1324 Introduction to World Religion: Western Traditions
  • RLGN 1410 Death and Concepts of the Future
  • RLGN 1424 Religion and Sexuality
  • RLGN 1440 Evil in World Religions
  • RLGN 1450 Religion and Media
  • RLGN 2036 Introduction to Christianity
  • RLGN 2110 Religion and Healing
  • RLGN 2114 Monks, Mystics, and Manuscripts
  • RLGN 2124 Religion and Music
  • RLGN 2710 Introduction to the New Testament
  • RLGN 2550 History of Early Christian Thought
  • RLGN 2560 History of Medieval Christian Thought
  • RLGN 3530 Advanced Topics Music in Religion
  • RLGN 3640 Religion in the Hellenistic World


  • BSc, in microbiology – University of Manitoba (2004)
  • BA (Hons), in religion – University of Manitoba (2006)
  • MA, in religion – University of Manitoba (2008)
  • PhD, in religion – University of Toronto (2016)


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  • ·      Forthcoming (publication currently underway) – “The Musical Body as a Locus of Power in Early Christian Ritual: An Application of Catherine Bell” in Catherine Bell and Early Christian Ritual, edited by Ada Cohen, Richard DeMaris, and Jonathan Schwiebert, Bloomsbury Publishing: London, 2024.

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