RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) self-defense

The RAD program is not a traditional self-defense course. It fills a long-standing void by enabling women to learn in a period of several hours, a set of cognitive and physical skills which will be of benefit for years to come.

Due to current circumstances related to COVID-19, RAD registration will be suspended until further notice.

The RAD approach to personal safety education embodies a practical blend of threat avoidance strategies and "real world" assault resistance tactics.

The focus of the RAD course is to develop easily mastered personal safety skills. These personal safety skills can be safely practised within a comfortable learning environment. The coupling of specific physical skills with a threat assessment process increases physical safety awareness. The overall goal of RAD is to reduce victimization through informed decision-making and sensible action. The choice to be made regarding resistance in any situation is a very personal one. RAD students find the manner of instruction to be a supportive and empowering experience.

The course also offers the students a unique "return and practice" policy. Once a student has completed a class, they have the opportunity to return to any class, free of charge, to practice concepts and to enhance techniques. This offer is good for life at any class in Canada or the United States.

Participants are required to attend 12 hours of training in order to qualify for the free lifetime return and practice policy.


The course costs $25.00 for students and $30.00 for staff.

Registration is payable by cheque or cash prior to commencement of the course at:

Welcome Centre
423 University Crescent (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

Please note that course fees are non-refundable when registration is cancelled by the registrant.

Non-violent crisis intervention (NVCI)

Security Services and its Crisis Prevention Institute certified instructors are pleased to be able to provide education on the mitigation of violent behaviour in the workplace.

Non-violent crisis intervention (NVCI) is a program that teaches effective skills in order to safely manage and prevent difficult behaviour that staff and students may encounter in a workplace. The program is designed to create a culture of safety with empathy, compassion, and respect as its core principles. This course will empower staff and students with skills in verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques, critical decision-making and practical self-defense principles. This is done through simulated role-play depicting specific workspace concerns. The program helps to harmonize staff response to the aggression and better understand the expectations within the workplace.

The process

NVCI is available to all interested departments at the University of Manitoba looking to enhance their staff members’ ability to identify and respond to crisis situations. Once a department has expressed interest in the program by contacting Security Services management team, they will be referred to a CPI certified NVCI instructor. The instructor will collaborate with the department or faculty to identify specific challenges that are of concern for the department or faculty. With your consent, the instructor may be interested in attending your workplace to better learn about existing protocols and staff concerns. In doing so, they can better provide a tailored program, role-play scenarios and make recommendations for your departmental needs.

Program structure

There are two distinct seminars both equally informative:

  1. An eight-hour one day abridged version which will cover the basic materials for certification and specific topics related to the needs of the workplace. (Breaks included)
  2. The full 16-hour unabridged two-day seminar allows for full coverage of each of the elements of non-violent crisis intervention. A full seminar is always recommended if possible, as it permits for in-depth exploration of the material, theory and concepts. The additional time allows for a greater level of group discussion and participation. (Breaks included)


The skills and knowledge that you learn will be with you for life. Participants who complete the seminar received a one-year certification in non-violent crisis intervention.


Departments are responsible for booking the room. A seminar room is required with seating for all participants and enough room to move around during the scenario component of the course.

Class size

Classes are ideally between six to 12 participants however accommodations may be made.


The program costs $35.00 per participant.
Funds can be exchanged through interdepartmental budgetary transfer (FOAP)

For further information or to arrange a course, please contact:

Deidre Perron
Program coordinator