RESOLVE Manitoba



  • General office

    PF 2282
    University of Calgary
    2500 University Drive NW
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2N 1N4 Canada


  • Staff

    Dr. Nicole Letourneau, Alberta Provincial Director
    Andrea Deane, Program Manager
    Peggy Holmes, Research Administrator
    Carrie Pohl, Program Director
    Olivia Giacobbo, Research Assistant
    Susanne Marshall, Research Assistant
    Keira Poelzer, Research Assistant​​​​​​​
    Jason Novick, Research Assistant

RESOLVE Saskatchewan

  • General office

    Arts 1117, College of Arts & Science
    University of Saskatchewan
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    S7N 5A5 Canada


  • Staff

    Dr. Jorden Cummings, Saskatchewan Provincial Director

Alliance of Canadian Research Centres on Gender-Based Violence

After the Montreal Massacre on December 6, 1989, the Canadian government made a commitment to deal with public policy, education, legislation and applied research on violence against women and children. One of the initiatives was the development of five sister centres across Canada (New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia) that would be centres of excellence on research and education on violence against women and more broadly gender-based violence. The Alliance of Canadian Research Centres on Gender-Based Violence represents the partnership among these centres and collaborative research and education initiatives.

Our funder

In addition to the support provided by the three host universities (University of Manitoba, University of Calgary and University of Saskatchewan), the RESOLVE Network is funded by the Prairieaction Foundation.

Prairieaction Foundation

The Prairieaction Foundation envisions a future in which society is free from violence and abuse. To make their vision a reality the Prairieaction Foundation funds action-oriented research to help end domestic violence and abuse in Canada. The Foundation works collectively with researchers, service agencies, first responders, government, businesses and concerned members of the community, to gain a better understanding of the complex issues that contribute to violence and to develop action-oriented solutions.

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108 Isbister Building
183 Dafoe Rd W
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada