Our work seeks to understand the dynamics of family/gender-based violence and map out effective strategies to prevent and alleviate that violence. With provincial centres in Manitoba (University of Manitoba), Saskatchewan (University of Saskatchewan), and Alberta (University of Calgary), RESOLVE creates partnerships among community-based agencies, government policymakers and academics/researchers across the prairie provinces.

RESOLVE is based upon two philosophical tenets. The first is collaboration among university-based researchers, policymakers, community-based agencies/practitioners, and representatives of groups affected by family/gender-based violence and violence against women. The second is an action-oriented research and development paradigm, which focuses on projects with joint research and service policy innovation goals.

In the context of these tenets, the Centre has three broad objectives:

  1. Conducting and encouraging practice and policy-relevant research in the areas of family/gender-based violence and violence against women.
  2. Providing educational input for various community constituencies and students with regard to the development of research skills.
  3. The focused dissemination of research findings to various influential target groups in a manner which raises the probability of their adoption in policy or practice innovation.


To reduce the incidence and impact of violence and abuse by:

  • creating and evaluating strategies to address violence and abuse;
  • communicating our research results to the public and policy makers;
  • promoting education, awareness and social change;

RESOLVE is committed to the full social, economic and political equality of all people. To accomplish this we:

  • work with community groups to identify areas where additional research needs to be done develop action-oriented research projects;
  • work in interdisciplinary teams in partnership with community groups and other universities and centres in Canada;
  • train students and members of community organizations in research methods;


RESOLVE is one of five research centres on family violence and violence against women that the federal government established in 1992, following the 1989 murder of 14 women at École Polytechnique in Montreal. The five centres have formed an alliance creating a national voice on the issue of family violence and undertaking national studies. The initial focus was on the victimization of girls and women. However, this agenda has broadened over time in response to the growing understanding of gender-based violence in society, without losing sight of the heightened risks faced by women and girls.

RESOLVE Manitoba (formerly known as the Manitoba Research Centre on Family Violence and Violence Against Women) was established at the University of Manitoba in 1992. It was a collaborative endeavour of the three Manitoba Universities (University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and University of Brandon) and a range of public and voluntary sector organizations. While based in Manitoba it was a regional centre eager to work collaboratively with researchers and agencies in Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

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