• Robert Brown
    Academic lead, competency based education implementation and chair, PGME committee for education support and remediation

  • Joel Kettner
    Subject matter expert (CanMEDS intrinsic roles)

  • Michael Polan
    Chair, PGME Alternate Route of Entry (ARET)

  • Shayne Taback
    PGME resident research coordinator

  • Kurt Skakum
    Assistant dean, PGME accreditation and chair:

    • PGME accreditation steering committee
    • PGME continuous quality improvement committee
    • PGME internal review committee
    • PGME allocations committee​​​

  • Teresa Wawrykow
    Director, PGME academic curriculum and chair, PGME academic curriculum committee

  • Clifford Yaffe
    Associate dean, postgraduate medical education

Operational Support staff

Penny Nanayakkara
Business manager:

  • Postgraduate medical education (PGME)
  • International Medical Graduate Program (IMG)
  • Clinician Investigator Program (CIP)
  • Leads the administrative functions of the PGME, IMG, CIP

Wendi Charette
Team lead, postgraduate medical education

Donna Coulis
Assistant to the associate dean

Gail Tomczuk
PGME resident administrator


Alyn Yoon
PGME resident administrator 

Cory Marquart
PGME resident administrator

Olivia Adediran
PGME resident administrator

Tashanna Gabbidon
PGME resident research and awards

Jenn Doroniuk
PGME administrator, Competency Based Education (CBE)/Committee for Education Support and Remediation (CESaR) 

Kauthar Peyawary
Assistant, PGME finance and reporting

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