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  • Assistant professor

    Max Rady College of Medicine
    Biochemistry and Medical Genetics
    University of Manitoba
    1015 Arlington St - National Microbiology Laboratory
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3P6


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Research achievements

Research summary

The Omics Data Sciences - Chen lab at the University of Manitoba has been taking bioinformatics approaches to investigate biomedical and public health challenges, utilizing microbial and mammalian omics data. Our research endeavors encompass a multifaceted approach, involving:

  1. Leveraging and analyzing omics data to gain valuable insights into disease-related biological mechanisms
  2. Addressing fundamental biological questions and hypotheses using statistical and machine learning methodologies
  3. Identifying and mitigating potential biases while facilitating data interpretations, drawing upon our expertise in molecular biology and data science.

By integrating bioinformatics, statistics, machine learning, and molecular biology, our laboratory strives to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Our work aims to enhance diagnostics, develop improved therapeutic interventions, and deepen our understanding of the intricate mechanisms within the biological world.

Teaching philosophy

Similar to life, graduate school presents a captivating journey of intellectual curiosity and growth. It commences with a curiosity to unravel the scientific mysteries that pertain to health through harnessing the transformative power of cutting-edge omics technologies. As we embark on this path, we immerse ourselves in a multidisciplinary realm of knowledge, acquiring and applying skills to address biomedical questions and expand the frontiers of scientific understanding.

Along this path, we embrace challenges, push the boundaries of knowledge, and reshape our comprehension of biomedical science. This constant pursuit of perpetual discovery and refinement mirrors the inherent nature of both science and life. As a graduate student, you will embark upon this voyage, honing your skills and leaving a mark in the scientific landscape.


Brief bio

Dr. Chen holds the primary position of head of data sciences in the bioinformatics section at the National Microbiology Laboratory Branch, Public Health Agency of Canada. In this role, she spearheads the continuous advancement of biological/omics data science and applies statistical and machine learning approaches to microbial omics datasets, aiming to address biological and public health challenges. Additionally, Dr. Chen joined the University of Manitoba as an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics in October 2021.

The interdisciplinary nature of her career has been shaped by her diverse training in molecular biology and bioinformatics, as well as her collaborations with researchers in the biological field. Through her research endeavors, Dr. Chen remains dedicated to advancing our understanding of complex biological phenomena and employing data-driven approaches to tackle critical challenges in public health.

Her recent focus has centered on machine learning applications for predicting source location, disease status, and antimicrobial resistance, utilizing data science techniques and microbial omics data. Dr. Chen's work showcases her commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies to make significant contributions in the field of bioinformatics and public health.


Doctor of Philosophy in Bioinformatics, University of British Columbia (2016)

Master of Science in Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto (2011)

Master of Science in Information Systems and Applications, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (2005)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, University of British Columbia (2002)


  • 2019 Critical Assessment of Massive Data Analysis (CAMDA) trophy award, Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, European Conference on Computational Biology (ISMB/ECCB), Switzerland (2019)

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Biochemistry and Medical Genetics
Room 336 Basic Medical Sciences Building
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University of Manitoba
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