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My research program includes two main arms: 1) to determine mechanism for diabetic cardiovascular complications particularly in endothelial cell biology related to atherosclerosis, thrombosis, oxidative stress and inflammation and development of nutritional remedies; 2) to investigate and prevent of gestational diabetes in Indigenous and urban communities via educational and lifestyle intervention. I have initiated a number of basic science research projects, and have led multiple provincial team projects and participated a number of national and international initiatives. Those researches have received close to 20 million dollars of national or local funding and generated >140 peer reviewed papers, including Diabetes Care, Diabetes, Lancet EClin Med, Br Med J, JAMA Pediatrics and Endocrinology.


I received my MD and PhD degrees in Shanghai Second Medical University (now known as Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine). Since 1985, I received research training in the University of Iowa, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, University of Alberta and Harvard University. I joined the Faculty of Medicine (now the Max Rady College of Medicine), University of Manitoba in 1991. With the supports from the section, department, faculty and university, I have the opportunity to train a number of graduate students, BSc (Med.) students, postdoctoral fellows, and a number of clinical residents in medical research, and developed my research programs with the efforts from the trainees and collaborations from my colleagues, and supports from community partners and participants.



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