• Portrait of Benedict Albensi
  • Professor

    Max Rady College of Medicine
    Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    St. Boniface Hospital Research
    ​​​​​​​Room R4050, 351 Tache Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 2A6


    Phone: 204-235-3942  


Principal Investigator, St. Boniface Hospital Research

Accepting graduate students:

  • Master's - no
  • PhD - no

Research themes

  • Clinical trials
  • Animal models

Research interests

  • Aging
  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Brain injury
  • Energy metabolism and mitochondrial function
  • NF-kB
  • Synaptic plasticity and memory

Research affiliations

  • Editor-in-chief, Molecular Neurobiology, Springer-Nature Pub.
  • Board director, MitoCanada
  • Chair, nutrition, metabolism and dementia executive committee, ISTAART-Alzheimer’s Association, USA
  • Board director, Manitoba Brain Injury Association
  • Research scientist, Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba
  • Research affiliate, University of Manitoba Centre on Aging

Research groups

  • Manitoba Neuroscience Network
  • Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders, St. Boniface Hospital Research

Research summary

Dr. Benedict Albensi’s laboratory is focused on understanding the biological basis of memory and what happens to memory when it is impaired. Much of the lab’s work is centered on the signaling pathway involving the transcription factor, nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB), which is central to inflammatory processes and immune system function and also plays a central role in basic mechanisms of memory formation and recall. Over the last few years, Dr. Albensi’s work has largely focused on mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Recently, the Albensi lab has shown very early deficits and sex-based differences in mitochondrial function before the appearance of plaques and tangles, the classic hallmarks of AD.


Dr. Benedict Albensi is a professor of pharmacology and therapeutics and a principal investigator and the Everett Endowment Fund Chair for Alzheimer’s Research at the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre. He is best known for his work with factors involved in aging, cognition, and Alzheimer’s disease (AD), such as nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB), a mediator of inflammation and a required molecule for memory. He was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, working with Drs. Faden and Pekar, where he developed MRI methods for investigating head trauma and cognition. He then went on to work as a postdoctoral scholar with Dr. Mark Mattson, an internationally recognized leader in neurodegenerative research, at the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging – University of Kentucky where he was the first to show NF-kB is required for synaptic plasticity in mammals. Other appointments have included the Cleveland Clinic, NPS Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer and Case Western Reserve University.


  • PhD, Neuroscience, University of Utah (1995)
  • Master of Arts, Biology, Sonoma State University (1992)
  • Bachelor of Science, General Science, University of Oregon (1982)


  • Seminar ranked #1 out of 56 talks at 11th Targeting Mitochondrial Congress (2020)
  • A review of clinical treatment considerations of donepezil in severe Alzheimer’s disease, Top downloaded and most read paper for 2018-2019 according to Wiley (2020)
  • Listed on Expertscape.com in top 1% of published authors worldwide for Alzheimer’s
  • Disease, neurocognitive disorders, tauopathies, dementia, NF-kappa B, memory and energy metabolism (2020)
  • University of Manitoba Merit Award (research), $3,000 (2019)
  • Weston Brain Institute Outstanding Achievement Award Nominee (2018)
  • University of Manitoba Merit Award (research, service, teaching combo), $3,000 (2016)
  • Weston Brain Institute Outstanding Achievement Award Nominee (2016)
  • Manitoba Dementia Research Chair (2015)
  • Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge Canada Mentor Award (2013)
  • Richard Hoeschen Award, $1,000 – B.Sc. (Med) Student Supervisors, MMSF/SBGHRC (2012)
  • Everett Endowment Fund Chair (2011)
  • Sanofi-Aventis Biotech Challenge Award of Appreciation (2007)

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