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  • Senior instructor 

    Max Rady College of Medicine
    Department of Community Health Sciences
    Room P218 – 770 Bannatyne Avenue
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0W3

    Phone: 204-474-9687
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Research summary

Dr. Audrey Swift’s research focuses on perceptions of control in successful aging. Initially, she studied the links between perceived control, health, and well-being in older women using data from the Aging in Manitoba study. Recently, she has expanded her research to include older men, examining their health, well-being, and survival in the Manitoba Follow-up Study.

Research interests

  • Frailty and resilience in older men
  • Older men’s lay definitions of successful aging
  • Perceived control in older men
  • Trajectories of veteran health and well-being over time
  • Veteran health, well-being, and survival over time

Research affiliations

  • Research associate, Manitoba Follow-up Study


Dr. Audrey Swift is a senior instructor in Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

During her earlier years in the Canadian Forces, one of Dr. Swift’s primary duties was to teach. She then went on to become a medical laboratory technologist in Winnipeg’s Medical Arts Building, and decided to learn more. She now has an interdisciplinary PhD in psychology, community health sciences, and nursing from the University of Manitoba. In addition to her veteran research at the Manitoba Follow-up Study, Dr. Swift’s passion for teaching endures. She has taught undergraduate courses in the Rady Faculty of Health Science’s Interdisciplinary Health Program since 2007. Her courses focus on the social determinants of health at the individual, community and global levels.


  • Interdisciplinary PhD, University of Manitoba (2011)
  • Master of Exercise and Sport Science, University of Manitoba (2004)
  • Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Manitoba (2000)
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist, Red River College (1981)


Excellence in Teaching Award: Manitoba Association of Home Economists (MAHE), 2014.

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