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Dr. Tiina Kauppinen studies how brain resident immune cells, microglia, influence brain function upon health and disease, during development and degeneration. She has shown that microglia responses can lead to chronic neuroinflammation, which promotes synaptic toxicity, neurodegeneration and cognitive deficiency. Her research aims to identify the mechanisms regulating microglial responses in order to harness them to promote brain health and recovery in acute (stroke, traumatic brain injury) and chronic (Alzheimer’s disease) central nervous system disorders, brain tumors and in neurodevelopmental disturbances (fetal exposure to gestational diabetes). Dr. Kauppinen is currently funded by Alzheimer Society, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Heart and Stroke Foundation and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.


Dr. Tiina Kauppinen is an associate professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at the University of Manitoba and a principle investigator in the Neuroscience Research Program at Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine, Health Sciences Centre, and researcher at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

Dr. Kauppinen was born and educated in Kuopio, Finland.

She obtained her master of science in biotechnology and PhD in biotechnology and molecular neuroscience from the University of Kuopio, Finland (currently known as University of Eastern Finland).

She did her postdoctoral training (2002-2006) at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), while earning a docent degree in neuroinflammation from University of Kuopio.

She continued in the department of neurology at UCSF as an adjunct assistant professor (2006-2012).



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