• Dr. Javier Mignone.
  • Professor

    Max Rady College of Medicine
    Department of Community Health Sciences
    307 Human Ecology Building
    35 Chancellor's Circle
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg Manitoba, R3T 2N2




  • Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba

Research achievements

Research summary

Mignone’s current research is focused on working with Indigenous partners in Latin America on Indigenous intercultural health initiatives. He is also involved in numerous research/evaluation initiatives with community partners in Canada related to enhancing program evaluation utilization. Among other studies, he is also part of a research initiative related to the Life Story Board as tool for qualitative research and therapeutic counselling.

Research themes

  • Intercultural health
  • Program evaluation
  • Use of evidence for decision-making in community-based organizations
  • Life Story Board

Research groups

  • Program and Policy Evaluation Research Group (PROPER)



Javier Mignone is professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Manitoba. He holds a Masters equivalent degree in Psychology, a Masters in Health Services administration, and a PhD in Community Health Sciences. Dr. Mignone teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, including program evaluation, and social development. On a regular basis he leads workshops on health information and program evaluation for small NGOs, including Indigenous organizations in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Dominica, and Guatemala. Dr. Mignone conducts research and development projects on intercultural health and health information with indigenous partners in Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Dominica and Canada. As well, has been involved on HIV prevention interventions and research in India, Colombia, and Canada. Dr. Mignone is the author of approximately 70 peer-reviewed publications, aside from numerous reports to government and other organizations. He has held numerous research and development grants from different funding bodies such as, CIHR, CIDA, SSHRC, Inter-American Development Bank, and the Public Health Agency of Canada. He leads the Program and Policy Evaluation Research Group at the university.


  • Community Health Sciences PhD, University of Manitoba (2003)
  • Master of Health Administration, University of Alberta (1994)
  • Licenciatura en Psicología, Universidad del Salvador, Argentina (1985)



  • Merit Award - The University of Manitoba


  • Merit Award - The University of Manitoba


  • Rh Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Research - Winnipeg Rh Institute Foundation


  • Merit Award - The University of Manitoba


  • Contribution to Aboriginal Health Research - CIHR Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health


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