Technical personnel

Manitoba Chemical Analysis Laboratory (MCAL)

Geochemistry Laboratory

Geological Microbeam Laboratory

Geological X-Ray Laboratory

Materials Characterization and Spectroscopy Laboratory

Materials Electron Microscopy Facility

Nano Systems Fabrication Laboratory

NRC-IBD Spectroscopy Facility

Prairie Regional NMR Facility

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Institute members

  1. 0-9

  2. A

  3. B

    1. Bassim, Nabil. Department of Mechanical Engineering.
    2. Bassuoni, Mohamed. Department of Civil Engineering.
    3. Bibeau, Eric. Mechanical Engineering.
    4. Bieringer, Mario. Chemistry.
    5. Blunt, Warren. Biosystems Engineering.
    6. Bridges, Gregory. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    7. Buchanan, Douglas. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    8. Budisa, Nediljko. Chemistry.
    9. Budzelaar, Peter. Chemistry.
    10. Burgess, Jacob. Physics and Astronomy.
  4. C

    1. Caley, William. Mechanical Engineering.
    2. Camacho, Alfredo. Geological Sciences.
    3. Chakhmouradian, Anton. Geological Sciences.
    4. Chakraborty, Tapash. Physics and Astronomy.
    5. Chaturvedi, Mahesh. Mechanical Engineering.
    6. Chen, Ying. Biosystems Engineering.
    7. Choo-Smith, Lin-Ping.
    8. Cicek, Nazim. Biosystems Engineering.
  5. D

    1. Davis, Rebecca. Chemistry.
    2. Deng, Chuang. Mechanical Engineering.
  6. E

    1. El-Salakawy, Ehab. Civil Engineering.
    2. Erkinbaev, Chyngyz. Biosystems Engineering.
  7. F

    1. Fayek, Mostafa. Geological Sciences.
    2. Ferguson, Philip. Mechanical Eng.
    3. Franca, Rodrigo. Dentistry.
    4. Freund, Michael. Chemistry.
  8. G

    1. Gorczyca, Beata. Civil Engineering.
    2. Gough, Kathleen. Chemistry.
    3. Greenfield, Haskel. Anthropology.
  9. H

    1. Hawthorne, Frank. Geological Sciences.
    2. Herbert, David. Chemistry.
    3. Hewko, Mark. Biosystems Engineering.
    4. Hu, Can-Ming. Physics and Astronomy.
  10. I

  11. J

    1. Jackson, Mike. Medicine.
  12. K

    1. Kavgic, Miroslava. Civil Engineering.
    2. Ko, Alex. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    3. Koksel, Filiz. Food and Human Nutritional Sciences.
    4. Kordi, Behzad. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    5. Kroeker, Scott. Chemistry.
    6. Kuss, Christian. Chemistry.
    7. Kuss, Sabine. Chemistry.
  13. L

    1. Labouta, Hagar. College of Pharmacy.
    2. Levin, David. Biosystems Engineering.
    3. Lin, Francis. Physics and Astronomy.
    4. Liu, Song. Biosystems Engineering.
  14. M

    1. Major, Arkady. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    2. Mammei, Russell. Physics Department.
    3. McKenna, Sean. Chemistry.
    4. Morrison, Jason. Biosystems Engineering.
  15. N

  16. O

    1. Ojo, Olanrewaju. Mechanical Engineering.
    2. Oliver, Derek. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  17. P

    1. Page, John. Physics and Astronomy.
    2. Paliwal, Jitendra. Biosystems Engineering.
    3. Polyzois, Dimos. Civil Engineering.
    4. Popescu, Dan. Electricity and Computer Engineering.
  18. Q

  19. R

    1. Rahman, Mashiur. Biosystems Engineering.
    2. Rattanawangcharoen, Nipon. Civil Engineering.
    3. Ritch, Jamie. Chemistry.
    4. Roshko, Roy. Physics and Astronomy.
  20. S

    1. Saleem, Ayesha. Kinesiology and Recreation Management.
    2. Salimi, Elham. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    3. Scanlon, Martin. Food Science.
    4. Schindler, Michael. Geological Sciences.
    5. Schreckenbach, Georg. Chemistry.
    6. Shafai, Cyrus. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    7. Shalaby, Ahmed. Civil Engineering.
    8. Sherif, Sherif. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    9. Sirker, Jesko. Physics and Astronomy.
    10. Stamps, Robert. Physics and Astronomy.
    11. Stetefeld, Jörg. Chemistry.
    12. Svecova, Dagmar. Civil Engineering.
  21. T

    1. Thomson, Douglas. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  22. U

  23. V

    1. van Lierop, Johan. Physics and Astronomy.
  24. W

    1. Wang, Feiyue. Environment and Geography.
    2. Wiebe, Christopher. Chemistry.
    3. Wijenayake, Sanoji. Biology.
    4. Wu, Christine. Mechanical Engineering.
    5. Wu, Nan. Mechanical Engineering.
  25. X

    1. Xing, Malcolm. Mechanical Engineering.
  26. Y

  27. Z

    1. Zhong, Wen. Biosystems Engineering.
    2. Zhu, Guo-Zhen. Mechanical Engineering.

Members from NRC-IBD, adjunct through listed department

Chairs and professorships

Canada Research Chairs

Research Chairs

Distinguished Professors

Rh Award Winners



  • The University of Winnipeg
  • Red River College
  • Dalhousie University
  • University of North Dakota
  • Laurentian University


  • NRC-IBD Spectroscopy Facility

Industrial Partners


Steering and Strategy Group

The Steering and Strategy Group acts as the board of directors for MIM. The Steering Committee meets on a quarterly basis and is responsible for institutional oversight of the Institute, including fiscal performance. The complete Steering and Strategy group encompasses broader user and stakeholder representation. The Steering and Strategy group meets semi-annually to provide the institute with long-term planning vision and strategic advice.

Steering Committee members:
  • Dr. Mario Pinto (V-P Research and International) or designate (Chair)
  • Dr. Derek Oliver (Director)
  • Dr. Brian Mark (Dean of Science)
  • Dr. Marcia Friesen (Dean of Engineering)
  • Dr. Stephan Lima (Dean of The Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Earth, Environment and Resources)
Strategic Development Committee members:
  • Dr. Douglas Thomson (Engineering)
  • Dr. Mostafa Fayek (Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Earth, Environment and Resources)
  • Dr. John Page (Science)
  • Additional representatives to be nominated.

Operations and Facility Management Group

The Operations Committee meets regularly to co-ordinate operational matters associated with facilities managed by the institute.

Day-to-day operations are handled by the Operations Co-ordinator and individual technical staff in consultation with the Director and the appropriate faculty supervisor.

On a quarterly basis, the Facilities Management Group reviews operational processes, user accessibility and usage reporting structures for the facility, as well as prioritization of maintenance and potential equipment purchases.

Operations Committee members:
  • Dr. Derek Oliver (Director of MIM, Chair)
  • Jolly Hipolito (Operations Co-ordinator of MIM)
  • Dr. Abdul Khan (Engineering Technical Support)
  • Dr. Ravinder Sidhu (Science Technical Support)
  • Dr. Mario Bieringer (User Representative)
Facilities Committee members:
  • Dr. Cyrus Shafai (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Dr. Can-Ming Hu (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Dr. Lanre Ojo (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Wen Zhong (Textile Sciences/Medical Microbiology)

Education and Outreach Group

The Education and Outreach Group manages the training environment by overseeing training courses for users, workshop development/delivery, hosting the annual Manitoba Materials Conference, visiting speakers, and running outreach and community engagement events.

Education and Outreach Group members:
  • Dr. Mario Bieringer (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Mostafa Fayek (Earth Sciences)
  • Dr. Lanre Ojo (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Francis Lin (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Dr. Scott Kroeker (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Derek Oliver (Director)
  • Jolly Hipolito (Operations Co-ordinator)

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