Meet your council


Debbie Fung

Hello! My name is Debbie Fung and I would like to welcome everyone to the 2023/2024 school year! I have been on the ATSA student council for two years and I am excited to be your president :) ! I am going into my fourth year and will be working with Bison’s women’s hockey throughout the season and I plan to work both in the clinic and on field after I graduate (if everything works out as planned). 
Here’s to a great year everyone! 

Goal for ATSA: To make an impact for everyone in the program :)


Katelyn Lloyd

Hi! To all returning students – welcome back! To all new students – welcome to the AT Program! I’m Katelyn and I’ll be the Vice President for the 2023-2024 year. This year will be my fourth year of the program. I look forward to having a fun year ahead and meeting the new students.  

Goal for ATSA: Make the year a fun and enjoyable one for all years! 

Social and Fundraising Coordinators:

Karine Boucher

Hi everyone! My name is Karine Boucher and I will be the ATSA’s social and fundraising coordinator for the 2023/2024 school year. After completing 2 years of kinésiologie at Laurentian University in Sudbury, I transferred to the AT program here last year. I was captain of the KinGames team last year and will be again this year after being on Laurentian’s team for two years, so I have lots of fundraising experience under my belt! I believe my passion and team spirit will help me bring fun new fundraising ideas while encouraging team building. I currently work at Recharge Sports Therapy in the clinic and as a first responder with the Arborg Ice Dawgs and I absolutely love it! After I graduate, I plan on working abroad in this field. I’m excited to share my love for this school and bring everyone together, hopefully without masks to see everyone’s beautiful smiles ;) Feel free to reach out to me with fundraising ideas because the more the merrier! I hope everyone has a great year!

Goal for ATSA: Improve student ATs’ experience by organizing fun events that will bring us all together 


Michelle Khaw

Hello! My name is Michelle Khaw, and I am an AT4 placed with the Bison's Women's Soccer Team. I will be this year's secretary/treasurer for ASTA. I chose AT because it combines my interest in rehab/injury prevention & athletics together. I wanted to be in a career that helps people and I find that AT is a tangible way of doing so! Apart from AT I enjoy playing guitar, gymming, longboarding and DRINKING COFFEE. Excited for all new AT2's to experience your first year and looking forward to meeting y'all! Cheers!

Goal for ATSA: To work towards improving the overall experience for the AT student body for the coming year. Also being a listening eat to my peers’ ideas and thought and working towards implementing them into action 

AT4/ Grad Rep:

IC Doria

Hello! Welcome to the AT program!! WOOT WOOT, My name is Maria Doria but you guys can call me IC (eye see). I’ll be going into my fourth year and I’m excited to see new faces and some old faces for the upcoming year. I will be representing AT4, but anyone is welcome to come and see me if you guys need any questions. I chose this program because I find it interesting how we do assessment, rehabilitation, as well as helping athletes become the best of their capability. I enjoy singing, sleeping, eating. See you next year! And lets have a great year together ☺️

Goal for ATSA: To have fun especially during high stress times 

AT3 Rep:

Ryan Wolfe

Hey everyone, I’m Ryan Wolfe and I am going to be the representative for the AT3s in the 2023-24 school year! This will be my first year on the council and I’m excited to continue promoting the inclusive and supportive culture that this program has cultivated over the past years. I always thought this program would be a great fit for me because it combines two of my major passions, helping others and athletics. I am excited to represent the AT3s for this year as well meeting all of the new faces joining the program. 

Goal for ATSA: To improve the AT program for our current students as well as future students who are planning to enter the field! 

AT2 Rep: TBD