I am drawn to the notion of aging as a continual process that takes place across the life course and, as a researcher, have explored leisure and health-related issues affecting individuals in early/mid adulthood through to late adulthood. I am particularly interested in the ways age intersects with other identity factors (e.g., gender, race, community membership, family role) to shape personal experiences, health-related decision-making, and social dynamics for individuals and communities.

Research Areas:

My research also involves questioning and disrupting notions of power and privilege that have traditionally existed within academic inquiry. As a consequence, my research approach typically involves:

  1. The exploration of research topics from historically underexplored perspectives.

  2. The use of research methods grounded in reciprocity, respect, and/or shared ownership (e.g., active interviewing; photovoice; collaborative citizen science; feminist methodologies).

  3. Inclusive approaches to knowledge translation for both academic and lay audiences (e.g., participant involvement in the presentation of findings; creative analytic practice).

​​​​​​​Research topics:


  • PhD, Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo (2017)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Health Services and Policy Research, Lakehead University (2010)
  • MPH, Lakehead University (2010)
  • BScH, Biology, Queen’s University (2005)

Select publications

Chesser, S., Porter, M.M. Barclay, R., Menec, V.H., Ripat, J., Sibley, K.M., Sylvestre, G.M, & Webber, S.C. (In Press). Exploring university age-friendliness using citizen science. The Gerontologist. 

Chesser, S., Porter, M. M., & Tuckett, A. G. (2019). Cultivating citizen science for all: ethical    considerations for research projects involving diverse and marginalized populations. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 1-12.

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