As a curriculum and pedagogy scholar in physical and health education (PHE) with an interdisciplinary training in a social justice and equity framework, I examine the extension of culturally sustaining pedagogy into PHE. This novel pedagogical model refers to an educational approach which seeks to enhance cultural pluralism and sustainability in multicultural learning environments. My pioneering research program aims to inquire into PHE teachers’ lived experiences of engaging in culturally sustaining pedagogy in emerging multicultural PHE learning environments, and the ways in which teachers’ pedagogical practices support and/or constrain students’ cultural identity formation, reformation, and/or transformation. Furthermore, my research program examines how culturally sustaining pedagogy can foster and perpetuate students’ lived experiences of being and becoming through PHE from the perspectives of culturally diverse communities. I achieve this goal by positioning knowledge of people in the communities as sources, sites, and outcomes for knowledge mobilization. On the basis of these sets of interrogation, lastly, my program of research focuses on identifying practical strategies in incorporating culturally sustaining pedagogy into PHE curricula, policies, and practices.

As a socio-cultural studies scholar, I also focus on opportunities for everyone to pursue healthy active lifestyles that enhance their wellness. Taking a broad perspective on issues of power and marginalization, I study various approaches to enhance social justice, equity, access, and inclusion among people with diverse backgrounds and individualities in various healthy active living environments. My current focus is on individuals experiencing disabilities, Indigenous peoples, newcomers to Canada, and people of 2SLGBTQQIA communities to promote social justice and cultural sustainability in their everyday pursuits of healthy active lifestyles.

Research areas

Focus is on individuals experiencing disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and newcomers to promote social justice and cultural sustainability in various physical activity settings.


  • PhD (Physical Education and Recreation), University of Alberta, 2014
  • MA (Sport and Leisure Studies), Yonsei University, 2006
  • BSc (Sport and Leisure Studies), Yonsei University, 2002


  • KPER 7002 Qualitative Research Methods
  • PHED 3362 Culturally Relevant Pedagogies
  • KPER 3100 Inclusive physical activity and leisure
  • PHED 2442 Health education