Dr. Jay Johnson is currently a full professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the University of Manitoba who was formerly a middle and high school teacher.

He is a social scientist who engages in critical sport, leisure, recreation and education studies and whose current multiple mixed qualitative methodological interdisciplinary research explores the impact(s) of climatic change on our physical experiences and the interfaces with the environment and climate change.

He is investigating how physical educators in Winnipeg had to incorporate land based learning into their teaching during the pandemic and the impact on well-being and curriculum; how Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth experience the built environment and outdoor adventure/land-based education; community-based research examining the function of the bicycle, culture and community in activ(ism); child labour issues; bullying; sport doping; the use of marijuana and CBD by professional athletes; the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the pandemic, health and Trumpism; and the cultural intersections of gender, masculinity, race, ethnicity, sexuality and homophobia in sport team hazing/initiation rituals. He has published extensively on hazing, co-editing Making the Team: Inside the World of Sport Initiations and Hazing with Dr. Margery Holman.

Research areas

  • Hazing
  • Gender
  • Violence
  • Triathlon
  • Doping
  • Indigenous Youth
  • Land-Based Education
  • Environment; environmentalism
  • Physical activity
  • Socio-cultural
  • Active transportation
  • Physical geographies
  • Body image



  • KPER 3460- Sociology of Physical Activity and Leisure
  • PHED 3360-Culturally Relevant Physical Education and Health 
  • PHED 4710-Outdoor Education and Leadership 
  • REC 4720-Wilderness Adventures 
  • PHED 3710-Active Health and Human Potential (co-instructed)
  • PHED 2442-Health Education (co-instructed)
  • REC 3090-Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism and Recreation
  • PHED 3750-Lifestyle Activities 
  • PHED 2720-Developmental Games and Activities
  • KPER 7160-Qualitative Methods and Research Design, (Graduate Course)            
  • KPER 7006-Social Aspects of Physical Activity, (Graduate Course)
  • KPER 7000- Research in Kinesiology and Recreation Management (Graduate Course)
  • KPER 1400-Concepts in Recreation and Leisure
  • KPER 7400-Humanities and Social Sciences in Exercise, Leisure,                                 
    Physical Education, and Sport (Graduate Course)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

johnson, j. & J. W. Chin. (Spring, 2024). Sport Hazing in the New Millenia (Research in the Sociology of Sport Series). Editors.  Emerald Press Publishing.

johnson, j., Masucci, M., & J.W.  Chin. (2023). From the UBC Sustainability grant, we are creating a Digital Museum: San Jose Bike Party Narrative. This is an innovative platform that embeds and presents our long term bike community, activism and moving methodologies research.  This is embedded on an open access website hosted by our colleagues at UBC that we construct and will include links to our research papers, video footage we have produced and learning clips of how we conduct “moving” research.

Deol, S., & j. johnson. (In Press). Immigrant girls’ experiences with physical activity: A focus on gendered exclusive physical education. Movement Matter Journal.

johnson, j., Masucci, M., Chin, J. W., & M.A. Signer Kroeker. (2022). Is the medium the message? Exploring the intersection of social media and collective action in the San José Bike Party, Annals of Leisure Research, p. 1-17. DOI: 10.1080/11745398.2022.2156363

johnson, j. & Holman, M. (book) (August, 2004) (Eds). Making the Team: Inside the World of Sport Hazing and Initiations. Canadian Scholars’ Press. 

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johnson, j., Holman, M. & M. Havey. (2019). Transforming team bonding to a safe and positive experience©: A toolkit for hazing education: Understanding, prevention & transformation. Physical and Health Education Journal, 83(4), p.1-37.

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johnson, j., Holman, M., Chin, J., Guerrero, M. & M.A. Signer. (2018). An examination of hazing in Canadian intercollegiate sports. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 12(2), p. 144-159. 
DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2016-0040

johnson, j. & A. E. Ali. (2017). Skating on thin ice? An interrogation of Canada’s melting pastime. World Leisure Journal, 59(4), p. 259-271.

Kim, J. & j. johnson. (2017). Mini U Brochures: Advertising social exclusion at a post-secondary institution, Canada? European Journal of Sustainable Development, 6(1), p.103-122.


Professional Reports/Non-Refereed

johnson, j. (2022). CHL Expert Hazing Rebuttal Report  for the Law Firm of Koskie Minsky LLP in support of the class action lawsuit against the CHL for hazing in hockey- the Carcillo v. CHL et al matter.

johnson, j. & M. Holman. CHL Expert Hazing Report of johnson and Holman for the Law Firm of Koskie Minsky LLP in support of the certification motion in the Carcillo v. CHL et al matter.

johnson, j. & M. Holman (January 22, 2019). Changing the culture of hazing in Canada.  
Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRCuit).

johnson, j., M. Holman & M. Havey. (2018). Transforming team bonding to a safe and positive experience© A toolkit for hazing education: Understanding, prevention & transformation. This document serves as a facilitator’s guide. It provides content to assist leaders when delivering a workshop or other educational format on Transforming team bonding to a safe and positive experience©. Material provided includes the powerpoint slides as a tool to guide lecture and discussion as well as other supportive strategies to move towards the prevention of hazing and the development of alternative bonding activities.

Media, Consultant, Guest Speaker

(February, 16, 2023).The Washington Post. The world’s largest natural skating rink is closed because it’s too warm. Kelsey Ables. 

(November 2, 2021). The Toronto Star. St. Mike’s sexual assaults, other high-profile cases show the need to change sports culture, experts say. Alyshah Hasham.

(November 12, 2021). The Catholic Registry. St. Mike’s recommits to protecting students. Wendy-Ann Clarke.

(December 18, 2020). Winnipeg Free Press. A stain on our game. Jeff Hamilton. 

(December 8, 2020). TSN news. Affidavits outline alleged abuse, harassment and hazing in junior hockey. Rick Westhead. 

(April, 5, 2019). Keynote Speaker with Dr. Holman. Transforming the culture of sport hazing. Ontario Coaches Conference. Coaches Association of Ontario, Markham, Ontario, Canada.

(December 20, 2018). 1310 News Talk 1010 Toronto, Alleged Sexualized Hazing incident at St. Michael’s College in Toronto. Host, John Moore.

Graduate Students

  • Colleen Bytheway - PhD Candidate

  • Bryden Bukich- co-advisor

  • Cristine Vlcek     

  • Bree Langlais   

  • Maria Rocha  

  • Mahdi Ebrahimian - co-advisor 

  • Simrit Deol  

  • Guanpeng Zhou