Dr. jay johnson is a full professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the University of Manitoba. His current multiple mixed qualitative methodological interdisciplinary research explores the impact(s) of climatic change on our physical experiences and the interfaces with the environment. He is investigating how Indigenous youth experience the built environment and outdoor adventure/land-based education; community-based research examining the function of the bicycle, culture and community in activ(ism); child labour issues; bullying; sport doping; the use of marijuana and CBD by professional athletes and health; and the cultural intersections of gender, masculinity, race, ethnicity, sexuality and homophobia in team hazing/initiation rituals. He has published extensively on hazing, co-editing Making the Team: Inside the World of Sport Initiations and Hazing with Dr. Margery Holman.

Research areas

  • Hazing
  • Gender
  • Violence
  • Triathlon
  • Doping
  • Indigenous Youth
  • Land-Based Education
  • Environment; environmentalism
  • Physical activity
  • Socio-cultural
  • Active transportation
  • Physical geographies
  • Body image



  • PHED 3360-Culturally Relevant Physical Education and Health  
  • PHED 4710-Outdoor Education and Leadership  
  • REC 4720-Wilderness Adventures (co-instructed) 
  • PHED 3710-Active Health and Human Potential (co-instructed) 
  • PHED 2442-Health Education (co-instructed) 
  • REC 3090-Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism and Recreation
  • PHED 3750-Lifestyle Activities  
  • PHED 2720-Developmental Games and Activities 
  • KPER 7160-Qualitative Methods and Research Design, (Graduate Course)        
  • KPER 7006-Social Aspects of Physical Activity, (Graduate Course) 
  • KPER 7000- Research in Kinesiology and Recreation Management (Graduate Course) 


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