I am a graduate of the only all-Indigenous doctoral program that existed in the world, The Traditional Knowledge Program. My doctoral research methodology had me walk around seven hundred miles through traditional Rotinonshonni territory which led to a book and eventual journeys with elders, community members and leaders, back to our traditional homelands.

Upon my appointment to the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Kinesiology in January 2018, I have published two chapters on Healing and Wellness from an Indigenous perspective, was an invited panelist at Congress 2018, was invited to present at Karatina University in Kenya and Setsunan University in Osaka Japan and visited various communities in both countries preparing for future research as well as presented at an Indigenous Conference in New York. I am also on a student’s master’s committee and future doctoral committee. I am also overseeing a selected topics course for a student as well as having taught one full course and presently co-teaching another. 

Over a 30 year period, I have taught courses with an extensive Indigenous content starting from High School to University, 26 of those years as a full time academic. I have taught college and university courses in the departments and faculties of Criminal Justice, Conflict Resolution, International Development Studies, Religions and Culture, Continuing Education, Native Studies, Education and Kinesiology. I have even taught Indigenous focused courses in Chiang Mae Thailand at Chiang Mae University. Since the beginning of my academic career, I have always been a strong advocate for the global Indigenous community, as it has been my mandate to serve as a strong advocate both in and out of academia. I have presented in Thailand, Myanmar, United States, Australia, Mexico, Senegal, Guyana, Israel and Palestine, Canada and most recently in Japan and Kenya. I have developed various courses for various faculties including being a cofounder of the Masters Program in Peace and Conflict Studies and a Director of the Aboriginal Governance Program in Continuing Education at the University of Manitoba, During my early career at the University of Winnipeg, I had been cited as one of the most popular professors by Maclean’s magazine in both Education and Religions and Culture.

Among my publications are two peer-reviewed books, Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes, which is still used by course instructors in various educational institutions and The Rotinonshonni: A Traditional Iroquoian History… A CHOICE BOOK of Libraries of America.  My book, Encounters between Newcomers and Aboriginal Peoples in the East, originally written for the Historica Teachers Institute,  was distributed to Social Studies teachers from across Canada in both French and English. I used a revised and updated version when teaching my Aboriginal Education courses at the UW. In addition, I have several recent peer-reviewed chapters that I have published. The most recent being Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Healing. This is a followup to a co-written, peer-reviewed chapter in From Truth to Reconciliation: Transforming the Legacy of Residential Schools which was presented to the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, during the official Residential School Apology in 2008. This publication has been distributed widely throughout Canada. I was also an organizer, consultant and participant for two of the National events put on by the TRC as well as being selected as a special educator for an organizing event at the Law School at the University of Toronto. In my portfolio I have included several book chapters, based on the proceedings of various conferences that I attended over the last several years. I also wrote eight peer-reviewed Indigenous Histories that were written for the National Library of Canada, which were published in 2005. 

I have been on six doctoral committees, four in Peace and Conflict Studies and two in Psychology as well as two masters committees. I have also been a weekly panelist on APTN and CBC Indigenous radio as well as a writer for Grassroots News in Winnipeg. I was proud to have been invited as a guest for an event held by President Obama in Washington D.C. on behalf of the MacArthur Foundation as a researcher for a game Histori- Canada. I am also featured on the renowned APTN series the Sharing Circle in the episode DID YOU KNOW? Several years ago, I was asked by Dr. Mark Ruml to be a main participant in a DVD on Work Place Safety by Manitoba Health and Safety as part of a grant. It was to be featured in Indigenous communities across Manitoba.
Over the years I have been asked to participate in many workshops as well as being asked to be a keynote speaker at several conferences.

My most recent work has been in Japan and Kenya making connections in preparing for interviewing the elders on land based education.