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Getting started

Request access to Grex, request consultation for Grex or report a problem with the Grex system.

Request access

Request access to Grex

Any faculty member at UM and their students, research staff and external or internal collaborators working on their research projects can request access to Grex.


  • A Faculty member of University of Manitoba must register in CCDB first in a Principal Investigator (PI) role
  • The PI can sponsor his students, research staff and collaborators.

To access the Grex system, register at the CCDB (the DRAC's user database) website:

If you require additional support with requesting access, please create an IT ticket outlining your request.

Request additional support

Request consultation

Request consultation for Grex

The University’s research computing support team provides the following services:

  • workshops and one-to one trainings to new HPC users 
  • Installing software on the local and National software stacks
  • Consultation on how to use HPC and cloud systems efficiently
  • Troubleshooting of scalability and performance issues with users code on HPC systems
  • Consultation on research grants related to user-contributed hardware for Grex system



Create a ticket to request consultation for Grex systems

To request consultation for Grex systems, create a ticket in the Alliance support system by email to support@alliancecan.ca and include "Grex" in the subject line. 

You may also, create a UM IT ticket to request consultation for Grex.

Request consultation

Report a problem

Report a problem with Grex systems

Report a performance or access issue with National systems managed by the Alliance. Research Support staff members will review the problem and attempt to resolve issues or provide updates on systems outages.  


  • Must have an active CCDB account in good standing (renewed, not blocked etc.).

Create a ticket to report a problem with Grex

For the Grex system status, go to the Alliance Status page.

To report a problem, create a ticket in the Alliance support system by email to support@alliancecan.ca with the subject "Grex", or open a UM IT ticket. In both cases, please include the following information in your ticket:

  • Name of the system: Grex
  • Issue experienced: 
    • Slow performance; Description 
    • Unable to connect; Description 
    • Unable to access storage; Description 
    • Other issues; Description 

Report a problem

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