Summer 2024 Timeline

  • Work-study position submission deadline
  • Apr. 4, 2024 -
    Apr. 5, 2024
    Job posting approval/denial confirmation
  • Apr. 6, 2024 -
    Apr. 25, 2024
    Hiring and recruitment period
  • Official start date for reimbursement coverage
  • Official end date for reimbursement coverage
  • Deadline to submit Summer Reimbursement Form

Fall 2024 / Winter 2025 timeline

  • Application for Fall/Winter funding reopens
  • 12:00 p.m. (noon) | New employer registration deadline
  • 12:00 p.m. (noon) | Work-study position submission deadline
  • Student applications are released to employers
  • PD Sessions and Mid-point check-in will be made available
  • End date for all work-study positions
  • 12:00 p.m. (noon) | Deadline to submit Survey and Reimbursement Form

New employer registration

New employer registration deadline: Wednesday, July 19, 2024 at Noon

  1. Complete the Employer Registration Form.
    Please allow 1-2 business days for UMConnect account set-up or Work-Study portal access.
  2. Once you receive a confirmation email containing your account details, follow the "How To Post a Job" instructions on how to submit your Work-Study project/position application.

How to post a job

For a complete visual guide on how to post jobs in the Work-Study module, please use the How To Post/Repost a Job aid.

  1. Job submission deadline: Friday, July 22, 2024 at Noon
  2. Log-in to your new/existing UMConnect account.
  3. Click “Post a Job” at the top of the home page.
  5. Select which previous posting you’d like to repost or select post a new job.
  6. If you are reposting, select either Quick Repost or Repost and Edit Posting. Next, select the appropriate term and deadline. Edit the posting as needed then select “Submit Posting for Approval.”
  7. If you chose to post a new job or edit your posting, complete the job posting form. Make sure to specify the number of positions you would like to apply for in the job title.
  8. Once the form is completed, submit the posting for approval. The status of your posting will be “Pending.”

Note: You will be notified by email if your position(s) is/are approved. If your position has been approved, any further changes to your posting will result to a Pending Changed status, which will require us to approve it again. Please inform us of any changes you make on your posting(s).

How to complete the employer survey & online reimbursement form

Employer survey

  1. Check your email for the survey link (this will be sent towards the end of the work term)
  2. A link to the online reimbursement form will be provided at the end of the survey. Copy the link before clicking done.
  3. Submit the survey.

Online Reimbursement Form

  1. Complete the employer survey to get the link to the online reimbursement form.
  2. Please ensure that you have the following information before you start:
    • Project Supervisor & Student Information
    • Total number of worked hours by the student o Hourly wage paid (including vacation pay)
    • FOAP number
  3. Complete and submit the survey. You will receive an email receipt with the details that you have provided.