Portfolios reflect design interests, inclinations, creative abilities and potential across a wide spectrum of endeavours. A portfolio contains a comprehensive representation of the applicant’s creative achievements and potential as well as design interests. Visual and written work are both considered valuable. Since it is understood that many applicants are coming from disciplines or backgrounds that do not necessarily utilize graphic forms of communication, the contents of the portfolio are to be focused towards illustrating, in whatever way possible, your creative abilities and potential. The committee is very interested in projects that you do on your own, as well as those done for school assignments. These projects can be photographed or copied, complete with brief descriptions of each project (maximum one paragraph) to form the Portfolio.

The following list outlines different forms that this material can take:


Poetry, articles, travel journals, research papers, music, etc.


Photography, sketches, drawings, paintings, or technical drawings, etc.


Photographs, drawings, and sketches of built projects and creative works.

Portfolio guidelines

The Admissions Committee asks that the following guidelines be used for producing a neat, clear, and effective portfolio:

  • Electronic Submission: PDF only.
  • All pieces within the portfolio should be compiled into one document for upload.
  • Supply a table of contents or consistent chapter identification with work presented in chronological order.
  • A brief explanatory text (one paragraph maximum) should accompany each image and/or project. Do not include any lengthy written descriptions.
  • Previous schoolwork as well as independent or self-initiated work may be included. In the case of schoolwork, include the project program issued, main objectives of project, instructors’ names, dates and duration (or briefly describe this). Also include written evaluations and grades received, where available.
  • Crediting is required for all work presented in the portfolio. If group or office work is presented, clearly indicate your specific role in the work.
  • Do not include, videos, films, slides, etc. Print images from animated material (only images that have been printed will be accepted).
  • Do not submit unclear or poorly reproduced photographs, reproductions or drawings. Photos should not be smaller than 3” x 5”.

Portfolios should be submitted by upload to the application portal by the required deadline, as stipulated in the Applicant Information Bulletin.

Contact us

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Admission Officer
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Contact the Environmental Design admissions team


The following other contacts may also be useful.

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Student Advocacy Office
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