• Qiuyan Yuan standing posing for the camera in the E I T C atrium.
  • Associate Professor
    Associate Head (Undergraduate Programs)

    Department of Civil Engineering

    Room E1-390 EITC
    97 Dafoe Road W
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6





Wastewater treatment, solid waste


Wastewater nutrient removal and recovery, landfill leachate, anaerobic digestion, biosolid treatment, landfill biocover, value added product, solid waste treatment and management.

Research description

Dr. Yuan's interests cover a variety of environmental engineering topics, with the primary research area being nutrient removal and recovery. She is particularly interested in the technological implementation of biological phosphorus removal and chemical phosphorus recovery. She is also interested in leachate treatment, biomass fermentation, and anaerobic digestion. The goal of her research is to develop sustainable technologies for the water and waste treatment processes that will reduce the environmental burden, carbon footprint, and greenhouse gas emissions. She is also interested in community outreach to promote environmental awareness.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dr. Yuan is seeking both MSc and PhD students that have an open mind, are innovative, and are passionate about the research on the topics of wastewater and solid waste treatment.

Selected Publications