Metal metallurgy; Nanostructures; Structure defects; Metallic glasses; High entropy alloys.


Materials Modeling and Simulation.

Research description

I use multiscale simulation tools to investigate the processing-structure-property relationship in metallic materials.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dr. Deng is currently seeking graduate students. Please contact him for more information..

Selected Publications

The complete publication list can be found at:

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Some representative publications in recent years include:

Z. Fang, J. Xiao, S. Tan, C. Deng* , G. Wang*, S. X. Mao*. Atomistic processes of grain boundary phase
transformation during in-situ shear-mediated migration. Science Advances, abn3785, 2022

X. Song and C. Deng*. Atomic energy in grain boundaries studied by machine learning. Physical Review
Materials. 6: 043601, 2022

J. Xiao and C. Deng*, Mitigating the Hall-Petch breakdown in nanotwinned Cu by amorphous intergranular
films, Scripta Materialia, 194, 113682, 2021

J. Xiao and C. Deng*, Ultimate strength of nanotwinned face-centered cubic metals, Physical Review
Letters, 125, 266101, 2020

Q. Zhu, G. Cao, J. Wang*, C. Deng*, J. Li, Z. Zhang, S.X. Mao*, In situ atomistic observation of
disconnection-mediated grain boundary migration, Nature Communication, 10, 156, 2019

T. Yu, S. Yang*, C. Deng*, Survey of grain boundary migration and thermal behavior in Ni at low
homologous temperatures, Acta Materialia 177, 151-159, 2019

M. Aramfard and C. Deng*, Mechanically enhanced grain boundary structural phase transformation in
Cu, Acta Materialia, 146, 304-313, 2018

R. Rezaei and C. Deng*, Pseudo-elasticity and shape memory effects in cylindrical FCC metal nanowires,
Acta Materialia, 132, 49-56, 2017

Y. Deng and C. Deng*, Size and rate dependent grain boundary motion mediated by disconnection
nucleation, Acta Materialia, 131, 400-409, 2, 2017