Biological signal analysis for diagnostic purposes, virtual reality designs as serious games for neurorehabilitation, Alzheimer's disease diagnosis and treatment, Sleep Apnea detection and the upper airway modelling.


Biomedical Engineering, biological signal processing, cognitive science.

Research description

Alzheimer's diagnosis by novel technologies and non-pharmaceutical treatments
Sleep apnea detection during wakefulness and modelling the upper airway in health and disease.


Zahra Moussavi is a professor, a Canada Research Chair, and the founder and former director of Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at University of Manitoba. Her current research focuses are on medical devices instrumentation and signal analysis for sleep apnea management and Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment using virtual reality, rTMS and EVestG technologies. She is the recipient of several awards including the “2018 Technical Excellence Award,” Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, Oct. 2018, “Canada’s Most Powerful Women (Top 100)”, “Manitoba Distinguished Women” in 2014 and IEEE EMBS Distinguished Lecturer, 2014 and 2019. She has published more than 310 peer-reviewed papers in journals and conferences, and has given >126 invited talks/seminars including 2 Tedx Talks and 18 keynote speaker seminars at national and international conferences and also public talks. Aside from academic work, on her spare time, she writes science articles for public; also, has developed and offered memory fitness programs for aging population.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Professor Zahra is currently seeking graduate students. Please contact her for more information.

Selected Publications